Why Is Pebble Watch So Popular?

The Pebble Watch is one of the most revered smartwatches on the market right now. It’s right up there with Apple Watch in terms of comprehensiveness, efficiency and the immediate result of both: sales (it has sold upwards of 1.5 million units to date). Also – just in case you didn’t know – it was Kickstarter-funded back in 2012 and to date holds record for one of the best funded campaigns of all time after raising $10.6 million – approximately 10,000 percent more than the initial $10,000 goal. So, why is Pebble Watch so popular?

Why Is Pebble Watch So Popular?

1. The Pebble Experience

Why Is Pebble Watch So PopularFirstly, the Pebble Watch works just like any other smartwatch: sync with your phone to bring all those functionalities to your wrist. How it does it is perhaps what sets it apart from the rest.

The level of exactitude and just how it displays your smartphone apps is simply amazing and makes experience with them as easy and exciting as in the phone. Just for the record, it comes with its own Pebble apps, but also works with your phone to make apps and functionalities more accessible.

2. Pebble Is Compatible With iOS and Android

But Apple Watch works the same way, right? Well, yes, but an Apple Watch works with the iPhones only and, apparently, at up to triple the price of some Pebble models.

The Pebble Watch is compatible with both the Apple and Android devices, and works perfectly well with either. That not only makes it more desirable but also open to a greater deal of potential customers.

You can substantiate Apple Watch’s ridiculous $350 price tag with the sleek design and an overall better frame but cannot find anything functional with which it beats the Pebble.

3. Pebble’s Battery Life

Apple’s revered product, for instance, cannot hold a candle to the Pebble Watch when it comes to battery life. Pebble really had the competition figured out while designing their product. It takes up to one week to drain while Apple is very proud to offer you a 24-hour battery life at best. Samsung’s watch too.

4. Pebble Watch is Water-Resistant

And talking of Samsung Watch, by the way, it falls under the same category as its rival Apple’s watch with respect to waterproofness. Both are only splash and shower proof but cannot survive immersion.

Pebble Watch, on the other hand, is water-resistant and will work perfectly well if left in the washing machine or if you decide to step into the swimming pool with it.

That’s quite a competitive edge it boasts.

5. Always On Display

Another feature that makes the Pebble Watch so popular is the fact that its display never turns off. It is visible both in light and darkness unlike its opposite numbers from Samsung and Apple which are opaque in the sun and automatically switch off if not used for a long time respectively.

The user thus never has to swipe or tap on the screen to view an on-screen feature; they just have to lift their hand and take a glance.

6. Perfect Timing

Perhaps the biggest player behind Pebble’s popularity is the split-second timing of its release.

2012 was the period when the wearable industry was beginning to gain recognition, and that’s coincidentally or perhaps strategically when Pebble launched their Kickstarter campaign.

Technology buffs were willing to support anything that promised a perfect execution of the idea that was already making rounds. Pebble promised comprehensiveness, and true to form they delivered just that.

Also, the manufacturer made the product available for sale the very moment its existence was made public, prompting the people to rush for the hottest new product in town.

Still on the same point, Apple hadn’t launched a smartwatch of their own by the time the Pebble came out. Marketers know that it’s not easy to expect any success once you let Google or Apple go ahead of you. There is little chance the watch would be this popular had Apple launched theirs already.

It wouldn’t have received that much funding on Kickstarter or even had anyone giving the final product a go for comparison with Apple’s product.

Of course Apple got their foot on the door a few months later and, unsurprisingly, claimed more than a third of the market on the double, but for a company like Pebble that started as a crowdsourcing project to be in dominance of such a chockablock market, it must have worked for it.

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