Why is Apple called Apple? (And not Cherry)

Why is Apple called Apple? To answer this question, we’ll have to go back in history…

Snow White, Adam & Eve and Macintosh Computers

why is apple called apple?Dan Redding is an expert arts and crafts’ tutor and a writer at Magnetic State Design Studios. He used to teach teenagers and in one lesson he admits to liking because it almost always baffled the students, he would ask his audience if they had Apple computers or phones and what they thought of the logo.

The conversation would go on to find out where else an apple fruit features very dominantly, and the teenage students would call out the Disney smash hit, Snow White, almost unanimously.

Dan would have to ask his class to name another story that features an apple fruit as the main actor or something like that. After a couple of minute’s silence, and a couple of cues to help along, The Bible would come up.

That story about the fruit that the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, took a bite out of. And sure enough, the Apple Inc. logo indicates a fruit that resembles more of an apple than a cherry and was officially designed by Rob Janoff in 1977 for the pioneer Macintosh computer.

What it means according to the gospel of Steve Jobs

Much has been said about the origins and continuing inspiration for the Apple Inc brand name and similarly designed logo, well, except for the bite part.

According to former and legendary Apple Chief, Steve Jobs, in his official bibliography by Walter Isaacson, he was smack in the middle of a fruitarian diet when he thought applying the name would be “fun, spirited, and not intimidating”.

And those are indeed some of the words to use to describe the Apple Company—not to forget its cult-like following. In fact, according to files of the original Apple logo, it showed Physicist Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree, a clear reference to his Gravitational Pull Law.

Could Apple have been insinuating to its mass appeal?

The fact that there’s a bite taken out of it in the current Apple logo may very well allude to lust and knowledge.

In fact, former Apple executive, Jean-Louis Gasee, called the apple a “symbol of lust and knowledge”. Yet, Rob Janoff, the designer of the Apple logo, has said before that he included the bite to differentiate it from people referring to it as a cherry.


But according to Dan, then the name must have a dual-meaning or more to it than meets the eye. He believes that the naming and logo represent people’s use of their computers to acquire knowledge and hence their role in enlightening the world population.

That, because the apple that Adam and Eve took a bite out of was the fruit of knowledge, which when they ate became enlightened and realized they were naked (even though the Bible only refers to the legendary fruit as just fruit’).

Apparently, the bite was what led to humans to acquire the all-important knowledge of differentiating between good and evil, becoming not only moral but also intelligent—enlightened.

Since the original name and logo launched, the company is particularly very protective of the two. Though of course, we’ve all witnessed what Steve Jobs could do to guard an Apple patent—Samsung Electronics would know better.

To him, the Apple was not just a fruit despite saying the simple and cool adverbs attached to the name inspired the naming rite.

According to thinkers such as Dan, the depth of the name and centuries’ worth of history and mythological significance held in an apple and its depiction, may be the reason to explain the fierce protection and safeguarding of the name.

There are a whole lot more classes of thoughts on what the Apple brand name and logo mean. Some claims are downright hilarious, others point to a rather conspiracy theorist perspective, yet others, such as Dan Redding’s perspective, seem quite appealing when analyzed objectively.

Why is Apple called Apple?

Both are interesting, yet contrasting takes. The fact remains that Apple is arguably one of the biggest and most influential technological powerhouses of our times. With roots spreading to all the four corners of the globe, there is bound to be a proliferation of all sorts of theories why Jobs settled for just ‘Apple.

Well, for us, we’ll leave you to determine what makes more sense, or cents. Or you may choose to let your thoughts be heard in the comments section below.

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