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What's New in Pebble 2.0 (And What's Not)

What’s New in Pebble 2.0 (And What’s Not)

Considering how ultra dynamic the tech industry is, it has taken real long to receive the successor to the smash hit Pebble smartwatch cum fitness band. We examine what the three-year drought has been baking in the sun and look what’s new in Pebble 2.0.

1. What’s New in Pebble 2.0 – Design

What's New in Pebble 2.0 (And What's Not)Pebble, the company, must have borrowed some cues from the competition here. Like the Apple Watch and the ever-growing cluster of Android fitness watches, Pebble 2 is available in a spectrum of colors for the bands.

That will include

  • black,
  • white,
  • flame,
  • aqua
  • and lime

— which clearly outshines the black and red only options for the Pebble 1.

Trendy users will also love it that the bands are swappable for something more comfortable such as leather material to replace the polycarbonate bands that the device is set to ship with. If you prefer steel, you might have to go for the Pebble Steel and Pebble Time Steel, unfortunately.

There are still four physical buttons to navigate the menus, so no touchscreen this time yet. Talking of menus, you’ll have to go about those on a 1.26-inch, always-on, e-paper display that, just like in the original Pebble, is great for reading in daylight.

There are no changes to the (144 X 168) pixels black and white display, though—so no color-coded activity here too.

2. Gorilla Glass 3

What you get with the new Pebble 2, however, is an anti-scratch, flat Gorilla Glass 3 for that extra layer of protection.

What else is welcome here is that the Pebble 2 is waterproof up to depths of 30 meters—a downgrade from 50 meters but you probably won’t be taking it to a swim below 30 meters, so this may be nothing to fuss over.

There are some slight improvements on the actual Pebble 2 physique as well. The frame is slimmer by 13 mm, lighter by 6.8 g, and practically more appealing if you like them trimmed down.

3. Pebble 2: Power and Performance

The processor packed into the interiors of the new Pebble is an ARM Cortex A4, a small but important improvement over the Pebble Classic’s ARM Cortex A3 heart. But internal memoirs storage won’t be seeing a revamp with 8 GB capacity retained as the internal memory capacity of choice.

We didn’t receive any complaints about the working ethics of the A3 in the Pebble 1, so we can expect the Pebble 2 processing capacity to be at least at par with its popular predecessor.

Like us, you might have expected Wi-Fi and Inbuilt GPS capabilities to feature on the new Pebble. And like you, we might have to wait for another release date before that comes to pass. So you will still need to use your phone to track distances, for instance, to benefit from decent GPS tracking.

The journey of a Pebble’s performance starts and ends with talk of the battery life. It has proven to be excellent if the original Pebble battery life is anything to reference. Pebble maintains the new Pebble 2 will keep the lights on until up to 7 days like its predecessor.

We can’t wait to really put that claim through its paces seeing that there are a couple of software improvements that could prove to be power-hungry.

4. Pebble 2 Software: Something’s New

Pebble has not only brush a new coat of paint on its Pebble Timeline OS but has reworked it to support more robust health and fitness tracking features to really measure up to the current demands—and keep off the competition.

Pebble 4.0 OS is still compatible to both Android and Apple mobile devices, and existing users can just upgrade the previous OS to the new platform by downloading either version via Google Play Store or Apple Store, respectively.

5. Heart Rate Monitor et al

Pebble 2, like almost all other heart rate trackers, will now measure pulse rate using an optical HR monitor. The feature is expected to provide the HR data in real-time mode, so you can know when you are at your best and when you either need to ramp up things or tone it down a notch.

Hot on the trail of the new HRM function, is both step counting and sleep tracking monitors to round up the trio of the most sought-after health features of a decent 2016 fitness wearable.

The upgrade, which rolled out late September 2016, will see the platform be able to support over 13, 000 apps including your health favorites such as RunKeeper and the ilk.

6. Pebble 2 Price Changes

Well, there are none. But, anyone who funded the making of the Pebble 2 via the superbly successful Kickstarter crowdfunding drive will receive one for $99.

The Pebble 2 retail price after that is slated to start at $126 with default hardware. It looks like Pebble chose to give more substance to the Pebble 2 overlooks and shallow bragging rights.

If you had waited for a better health and fitness tracker, which gives great value for time, effort and money spent, you might more than like to upgrade to the Pebble 2 fitness watch.

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