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Wearhaus ARC Headphones: Share & discover new music

For music lovers looking for new ways to discover and share music, Wearhaus ARC are a set of Wireless Headphones that allow you to do just that. Inspired by the silent disco craze which has become popular in various alternative nightclubs and music festivals in recent years, the Wearhaus ARC brings the social interaction and sharing back into music. Combined with an app for your smartphone, you can share the music that you’re listening by allowing other wearers in your vicinity to connect remotely to your headphones so that they can succumb to your obviously superior taste in tunes.

The Wearhaus App

And in the unlikely event that you’re into some majorly embarrasing shit like Justin Bieber; you can configure your privacy settings in the mobile app so no one need ever know what a vacuous cretin you are. Everything is synchronized over Bluetooth, and depending on your privacy and sharing settings, you can scan for nearby users, join their own playlists or ask them to join yours. The app which is used to control the entire experience is available for both Android or iOS.

Wearhaus Arc


The Wearhaus Arc are available in either Black or White, and features a light ring on each ear piece (the colour of which can be customised) for some unknown boasts a customisable light ring; and as if that wasn’t enough – you can set the light rings up to pulse in time to whatever your listening to… A genuinely useful feature, however, are integrated touch controls, which can be used to: play/pause, skip/previous, broadcast your selection to other wearers, or join another Wearhaus Arc wearer’s network without having to whip out your phone.  which makes the ARC quite unique is its customizable coloured lighting on the arcs which circle the headphones. The Wearhaus Arc is available to pre-order now at a price of $179.99 + $15-20 VAT & Import Duty if shipping outside the U.S. (approx. £120) with delivery dates in December.

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