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Party Safer

We all like to go out and party, but there can sometimes be inherent danger in that. We drink, we get drunk, we get separated from our friends, and we meet new people — all of these things can affect our ability to be safe. With Vive, a new smart bracelet, you can stay safe and in touch with your friends on any given evening. Heralded as a technology that could help to prevent sexual assault, the Vive is a wearable that can keep you from over-indulging and getting caught up in situations over which you have little control.

Smart Features of the Vive Baracelet

1d61ee0a8a6204c568e9a5702a14c31cWhen you go out with friends, you can all sync Vive bracelets (it works with BlueTooth) simply by touching them. Then, as the evening progresses, Vive does several things to keep you safe.

First, the Vive knows when you’re drinking by sensing your alcohol and dehydration levels. Once it picks up on this, the device checks in on your ability to recognise and respond to its buzzing. A simple squeeze lets Vive know that you’re doing just fine. If you happen to be in a difficult situation or too drunk to respond, your friends will be alerted that something is wrong.

Next, you can connect with others you meet on your night out; if they’re wearing a Vive, you can simply tap bracelets, and their profile will be stored in your Vive smart phone app. Later, you can look through the list of people you’ve met and find out more about them. This can help you make a more informed decision about seeing them again.

Honest Motivation

A lot of smart wearables help us stay in touch or keep track of our activity. While these are all well and good, the inspiration for the Vive is perhaps a bit more honest. Created by students at the University of Washington, this is one smart wearable that is designed to keep people safe while they’re having a good time.

Vive is still in the prototype stage. However, with the buzz building about this innovative and noble use of technology, it may not be too long before the Vive bracelet is available for purchase.

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