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Visus VR Headset To Take on Samsung Gear VR

The Current Generation of VR

The potential of virtual reality has been increasing steadily for more than 20 years. It’s not new technology by any means, but for a long time, it just wasn’t very good. And, it was expensive. For virtual reality to be appealing on a wide scale, we’ve learned, it’s got to be immersive, responsive, and affordable. The Visus VR Headset is all of these things and more. It’s immersive, putting you in a game’s ultra sharp environment, rather than confining you to the dimensions of a screen. It’s responsive, utilising the latest advanced head tracking system so that your view in virtual reality matches your real movements. And it’s affordable, with a price tag of $149 USD.

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Visus Versus Galaxy

Gear VR

Many gamers are interested in how the Visus VR headset compares to Samsung’s Galaxy VR. The latter is another noteworthy new VR headset, but it does have a few limitations. For starters, the image quality on the Galaxy VR is adequate at best, which limits how immersive the experience feels. More significantly, it works only with the Galaxy Note, which excludes a lot of users. And, it costs more than twice as much as the Visus VR.

The Visus VR, on the other hand, offers an ultra sharp and crisp image in a huge field of view — over 110 degrees. A dedicated fan on the lenses ensures that they remain fog free. Your smart phone can be used as a wireless screen, and the Visus VR’s onboard battery will help to keep it charged for up to four hours. Finally, the price can’t be beaten: it retails for $149 USD, with a special pre-order price of just $99.

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Want One?

The Visus VR looks like the first really viable and affordable VR headset. It will certainly be interesting to watch how it fares against the Galaxy VR.

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  1. Sasha

    Hi Adam,

    Has Visus overcome its initial customer service issues? I want one of these HMDs but the comments about slow or no response to inquiry’s from customers has me a bit spooked. Do you have one? How was the ordering experience?

  2. Anonymous

    After numerous refund requests, this Taron Lizigub fella decided to block anyone who said anything about his fake product on facebook and also went as far as injecting shills on his page to make it seem like its ok that they really have no product and everyone should be just peachy and have patience because they were scrapping the idea and refunding everyone. A theatrical masterpiece. look at the garbage he wrote on reddit. it was an academy award performance for my 130.00 that ill never see again . and neither will anyone who purchased his carrot on a stick / horse fantasy .paypal wont touch it its longer than 180 days.. i think they knew that little fact.

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