Vessyl is a Smart Cup that Automatically Tracks Your Hydration

Trying to keep track of your calorie intake when you’re on a diet can be trying, and whilst there are a wealth of apps and wearable fitness trackers available designed to help you log what your doing; Vessyl aims to take it one step further. The San Francisco based company has developed an app-enabled cup, which utilises propriety sensors to automatically detect what you’re drinking, how fast your drinking, and the nutritional information of the contents you have poured in. Vessyl claims to be able to measure and track the contents of any drink poured into the cup in real­time, and it even works with thicker liquids such as smoothies and yogurts.

Vessyl can even recognise the difference between weak and strong coffee

Vessyl – A very smart cup


As soon as a drink is poured into Vessyl, the accompanying app on the user’s iPhone provides a wealth of nutritional information. And it not only works with drinks from well-known brands or your favourite high-street coffee shop; it can also determine the contents of unknown drinks, such as home-made beverages. According to a review of the prototype by the Verge, the cup can even recognise the difference between weak and strong coffee and Gatorade Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze. It even recognizes the exact product and brands names for many commercial beverages.

The accompanying app also allows users to track their hydration requirements, based on the quantity and the types of beverage consumed, it tallies statistics such as calories, caffeine and alcohol levels consumed, and it allows users to set their own goals. The cup itself holds 384 ml (13 ounces) and comes with a built­-in display and a spill­-proof lid. It supports wireless charging, and should  lasts upwards of five days on a full charge.

The Vessyl Pryme is available for $99 in select shops.

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