Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Ideas for Him and for Her 2016

22 Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Ideas for Him and for Her 2017

Sweets for Sweets, Gadgets for Geeks

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if your sweetheart has a penchant for tech gifts, we’ve got you covered. Instead of sneeze-inducing flowers, sugary candies, and long table waits at your favourite restaurant, we’d like to recommend picking up one of these awesome Valentine’s Day tech gifts as a token of your love.

11 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, Valentine’s DaySiri is super, and Cortana is cool, but Alexa is really awesome. She’s Amazon’s digital assistant on their new voice-controlled console that can do everything from answer basic enquiries to play your favourite web radio station to wake you up in the morning to keep your shopping list.

The Echo is voice activated and hands free, and the slim black cylinder with the responsive cerulean light ring looks great in any home environment. It also has incredibly clear sound quality, and because it hasn’t been on the market for very long, it’s a pretty sure bet that your love doesn’t already have one.

2. Tory Burch Fitbit Flex

tory birch fitbit flexEven if you don’t know who Tory Burch is, we’re fairly certain that the lady in your life does. In fact, she’s probably got a pair of the ubiquitous Tory Burch ballet flats in her closet right now.

Fortunately for women who like to wear a fitness tracker but maybe don’t love the way it looks, Tory Burch has partnered with Fitbit to make a line of jewellery (both wristbands and pendants) that make their popular Fitbit Flex tracker look as classy as it is functional.

If your sweetie already owns a Flex (or has had her eye on one), a Tory Burch bracelet or pendant is the perfect accessory.

3. Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat Leaf Review on the hornThe second of three fitness trackers on our list of gifts for women, the Bellabeat Leaf is just the right blend of inconspicuous jewellery and powerful tracking capability. The Leaf is different because it can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or clipped onto a shirt or jacket, yet it’s able to calculate steps, distance, calories, and sleep data as well as any sporty looking tracker out there. Plus, the funky and chunky leaf can also guide the wearer through calming breathing exercises — something that most trackers definitely can’t do.

4. Misfit Swarovski Shine

If the special woman in your life is equally focused on fitness and flash, the Misfit Swarovski Shine fitness tracker was made for her. It’s got all the functionality of Misfit’s popular Shine tracker, but in a spangly and sparkly crystal by Austrian luxury glass company Swarovski. The collection features wristbands in several muted colours as well as a pendant, but the tracker itself will keep tabs on all of the usual fitness and sleep information for her.

5. Ringly Smart Jewellery

Ringly Smart ring feature, Valentine’s DayIf your Valentine is trying to break her phone habit but still needs to know if important calls or texts are coming through, then Ringly is the perfect gift for her. It’s a piece of smart jewellery made from gold or brass with a precious or semi-precious stone, and yes, as the name implies, it’s a ring. What makes it smart is that it buzzes and lights up when you get a new call, text message, calendar notification, or any other alert. What makes Ringly truly smart, however, is the wearer’s ability to configure exactly what alerts come through.

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6. Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower PowerFlowers are a popular Valentine’s Day gift, but they never last long. Instead, give the floral gift that will last a lot longer with the Parrot Flower Power smart plant sensor. This is a small Y-shaped stake that goes into the soil of any potted plant to measure sunlight, temperature, soil moisture, and soil electrical conductivity. It sends all of this information, along with some very helpful recommendations, to the corresponding app so the user can make a highly informed decision about how to care for a plant and keep it alive. Roses are red and violets are blue, but they’ll both die without Flower Power (and you).

7. Coach Double Zip Phone Wallet

Coach Double Zip Phone WalletYou’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t love the elegant simplicity of Coach, and this phone wallet is big enough to hold all of her essentials (including her phone, of course) but small enough to take anywhere. There’s a wrist strap for convenient carrying, but it can just as easily be removed and dropped in a larger purse. The Coach Double Zip Phone Wallet is available in a variety of colours and leather textures, all of which are extremely durable and will look new for years.

8. Stellé Audio Mini Clutch

Stellé Audio Mini ClutchIt’s a purse. It’s a speaker. It’s both! The Stellé Audio Mini Clutch is perfect for the stylish female audiophile in your life. It’s a BlueTooth-enabled device that pairs with the smartphone it holds to play music and allow for hands-free calls, all with surprisingly clear audio. If you’re almost out of power, it can charge your phone as well. And of course, this is a clutch that looks great too; it comes in several different colours and patterns to match her wardrobe and her personality.

9. Michael Kors Logo Print Lipstick Charger

Michael Kors Logo Print Lipstick ChargerThe clothing and accessories designed by Michael Kors are a favourite of women all around the world. Your Valentine will love this lipstick charger: it’s incredibly handy to have when her phone’s battery is running low, it’s small enough to fit in any purse, and it’s covered with the fashion forward Michael Kors logo. No, there’s no actual lipstick in it (the name is indicative only of the shape, not what’s inside), but it does have a USB and a micro USB port to charge a wide range of devices.

10. Susan Kare Limited Edition Prints

susan kare limited edition printsArt is always a thoughtful gift, and if your special lady has an affinity for both tech and great design, she’ll absolutely love a limited edition print from graphic designer Susan Kare. You know her work — she designed the original Apple icons, for starters — and the prints sold through her website include Valentine’s Day appropriate hearts, love letters, and a smiling original Mac on a pink background. Any one of these is the perfect choice for the female geek with great taste.

11. Sweetheart Cord Tacos

Sweetheart Cord TacosTangled headphone cords is a problem that plagues us all. Cord tacos help keep your wires from getting tangled, and sweetheart cord tacos make a useful, inexpensive, and totally holiday-appropriate gift for your sweetie. They’re all soft pastels printed with red sayings reminiscent of the ones you’d find on Valentine’s conversation hearts, some with a tech twist (“Let’s Be Earbuds”). You can buy just one or the whole collection of five, and your Valentine will never have to deal with tangled wires again.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

12. Orbotix Sphero Bots: Star Wars BB-8

sphero-bb-8-star-wars-droidWe’re willing to bet that your man is a Star Wars fan, and given the resurgence in Star Wars merch (thanks to a little movie called The Force Awakens that’s still breaking box office records), a Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day present would be totally appropriate this year. Figurines are OK, but an app-controlled BB-8 would be awesome! He’ll love goofing around with this lovable droid. It’s completely silly and indulgent, but then again, the same can be said for Valentine’s Day.

13. Death Star Waffle Maker

Let’s continue with the Star Wars gifts! Your boyfriend or husband will love references to his favourite movie franchise popping up in unexpected places — like the breakfast table, specially, in breakfast itself. This Death Star waffle maker will turn any waffle batter into the ultimate weapon, but instead of destroying a planet, it will destroy hunger. You might throw in a bottle of real maple syrup as well, since waffles with a lack of syrup is, of course, disturbing.

14. 8-bit Heat Change Mugs

8-bit Heat Change MugsIf your Valentine is an avid gamer, his morning coffee will be so much better with a heat-sensitive mug that changes graphics as the mug warms up. There are several cool graphics from which to choose, from pixelated life hearts to a GAME OVER message and more. There are even Star Wars and Dr. Who heat change mugs, if gaming isn’t his thing. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your man and you’re on a tight budget, this is a fun choice.

15. Perfect Drink

Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart BartenderFor the man who fancies himself a bartender — no, wait, a mixologist — Perfect Drink is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It’s an app controlled scale that will walk your sweetheart through the process of creating the perfect cocktail, whether it’s a complicated Long Island Iced Tea or a simple gin and tonic. It comes with a stainless steel shaker, and the new Pro edition has wireless BlueTooth connectivity. He’ll have fun mixing excellent drinks, and you’ll have fun drinking the spoils of his labour.

16. Pantelligent Smart Pan

pantelligent , smart frying panIf your man is an aspiring chef and won’t mind waiting a few more weeks for his Valentine’s Day gift, the Pantelligent frying pan is a culinary revelation. It wirelessly connects to an app to walk anyone through a recipe (there are dozens included) so that it turns out perfectly, every single time. The initial response to this product has been so huge that it’s currently backordered until March, so an unwrapping on February 14 won’t happen. (The company will send you a printable gift placeholder card if you order one now.) Still, if you both can wait, he’ll be rewarded with an awesome gift, and you’ll be rewarded with dinner.

17. Withings Activité Sapphire

withings activitee sapphire

What’s so attractive about the Withings Activité Sapphire is that it’s a stunning, Swiss-made watch with full fitness tracking capabilities. If your man has been wanting to get a fitness tracker but isn’t a fan of the rubbery appearance that most of them have, he’ll absolutely love the Activité Sapphire. It’s a bit pricey at £320, so if an expensive gift like this isn’t in your budget (or isn’t appropriate for your relationship), the Withings Activité Steel and Activité Pop are both a bit more casual looking and about a third of the price, but no less functional than the Sapphire.

18. Polar A360

Polar A360One of the newest trackers from Finland’s Polar, the A360 may be the most attractive device that the company has ever released. It’s sleek without looking sporty (especially in the all-black option), and the lovely full colour touchscreen display will show your gentleman all of his relevant fitness data. It does full fitness and sleep tracking, it captures heart rate data, it’s waterproof, and it’s got smart coaching so he’ll be able to make the right improvements at the right times.

19. Beats by Dre Solo 2 Headphones

Beats by Dre Solo 2 HeadphonesIf your man loves music as much (well, almost as much) as he loves you, the Beats by Dre Solo 2 headphones will make his favourite tunes sound better than ever. They’re especially comfortable to wear, and they can even be used to take calls, thanks to the in-line mic and controls. If he’s been coveting a pair of Beats headphones for a while, Valentine’s Day would be a great time to surprise him. Get them in red, of course.

20. MOXO X-1 Levitating Maglev Speaker

MOXO X-1 Levitating Maglev SpeakerWhat’s better than a great sounding wireless speaker? How about one that spins in mid-air and — get this — levitates. The MOXO X-1 Maglev has high quality sound, but its cool factor is through the roof, thanks to its levitating capability. It’s hard not to stare in awe as the orb floats and spins. This is a completely portable speaker, too, so he’ll be able to take his music and his cool anywhere.

21. iHome iBT12 Wireless Flask Speaker

iHome iBT12 Wireless Flask SpeakerFor a simple, affordable, and wireless home audio solution, the iHome iBT 12 speaker is awesome because it’s subtly but definitely shaped like a flask. Equally fitting in his man cave or your shared living room, this will be a gift that he’ll enjoy and admire, thanks to its big and clean sound, fun shape, and integrated speakerphone capabilities. It’s available in a few colours and designs.

22. Illumibowl Toilet Night Light

Illumibowl Toilet Night LightOK, this one’s probably best to give to a man with whom you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while, as it’s a bit personal and maybe a little embarrassing. Still, it’s hard to deny the cool factor of the Illumibowl Toilet Night Light, with makes any toilet glow. It’s perfect for those middle of the night trips to the loo because he won’t have to turn on any bright overhead lights, yet he’ll be a lot less likely to miss the bowl, if you catch our drift. It’s fun and silly, but ultimately, it’s practical.

Spread Love, Geek Style

We know: it’s never easy coming up with a creative and unique Valentine’s Day gift idea for your loved one. And while it’s true that the classics like flowers and candy never go out of style, it’s also true that they’re a bit boring and expected. This year for Valentine’s Day, avoid the ordinary and think romance with a geeky twist. Oh, and do it soon: it’s almost February 14!

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