Upp: Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell

Keeping Upp with demand

It’s no secret that we love our gadgets and devices. Smart phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, tablets — we depend on all of them for staying connected and entertaining ourselves. But eventually, all of these devices need to be plugged in and recharged. This is often no problem, but when we’re camping, travelling, or dealing with a power outage, we face a conundrum: go without our gadgets now to save battery life, or go without them later when the batteries eventually die? Upp hydrogen fuel cells solve the problem of staying powered up when you can’t plug in. This innovative technology offers power for about a week on a single cartridge that fits in your hand.

Highly Compatible


Upp fuel cells can power most USB devices, and they’re super easy to use. In fact, even if you’re away from home but still near a power source, you may find it easier to carry an Upp cell with one cartridge to power your devices instead of taking a dozen different chargers and cables with you.

The pricing structure for Upp is fairly straightforward, and the good news is that all products are available for purchase now. An Upp starter kit, which contains the Upp cell and a single cartridge, sells for £149. Once your cartridge is spent, you can take it to an Upp exchange point and pay just £5.95 to exchange it for a fully charged one. Or, extra cartridges can be ordered for £49.95.

Upp App

The Upp app can offer you even more data and information about your fuel cell usage. It displays graphics showing you energy levels and statistics, including how many minutes or hours of certain activities you can do before you lose power. The app can also show you a map with nearby exchange points so you can get new cartridges when yours runs out. Both the Upp hydrogen powered fuel cell and the corresponding app provide a new way to power your devices, your gadgets, and your life when you’re on the go.

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