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Uno Noteband - Spritz Powered Notification Band
Uno Feature

Uno Noteband

Power Woes

Smartwatches and fitness bands will be a common sight in the months ahead. Apple and Samgung at the top end of the scale, and the already popular Pebble keeping everyone one their toes. A common issue with smartwatches, however, is battery life. They need to have a fairly decent resolution to be readable, and that causes battery drain to power such a screen. So how can you have a more power-friendly display while still being easy to navigate and read? Innovative reading technology Spritz is the key and a fundamental cornerstone of the upcoming wearable the “Uno Noteband”.


For those of you who haven’t hear of Spritz technology, it is a method of reading a single word display at surprising fast speeds, the words are positioned on the screen to make them readable without having to move your eyes. This technology allows you to read upwards of 600 word per minute and they claim you could read a novel in around 90 minutes!! (Perhaps not War in Peace though)

While this technology won’t be exclusive to the noteband, it is integral to it’s design. This allows them to use a simple one line display for all your content and free’s up much needed battery life.

Here is a quick example of a 500wpm test using Spritz


What Can It Do?

The uno noteband is not as featured as the likes of the Apple watch and Samsung gear range, it’s more in-line with the Pebble Smartwatch. It has notifications for SMS, Facebook, Xbox and Playstation game invites and much more. Essentially any notification you would get on your smartphone you are likely to get on the Uno Noteband. Another cool feature is out-the-box integration with Apple and Google’s health monitoring apps. The Uno noteband has it’s own six-axis gyroscope and motion sensor to track your movement and exercise, a solid bridge between a smartwatch and fitness band.

uno notebandWorks

Uno Noteband – Final Thoughts

Personally I think the Uno Noteband should be a popular choice. It’s design is sleek and small, thanks to the single line display, and the battery life is around 3 days on a full-charge, less than the Pebble but much more than the tech giants offerings. Finally the creative use of spritz will make it genuinely useful piece of kit. I feel some of the smartwatches end up adding a step to a fairly simple process (instead of pulling out my phone and reading a message I need to open the messages app on the watch and then scroll though it on my wrist). Uno noteband takes one tap to begin reading the notification and it is far quicker than typical reading.

Only time will tell if this makes the grade as it’s indigogo campaign has finished on January 7th 2015. It has already more than doubled it’s funding target so those who have supported it should expect their Uno Noteband in early 2016.


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