Transform your iPhone into a GameBoy

There is no denying that the Touchscreen has come to dominate the way that we interact with technology as advances over the past few years have made it increasingly responsive, simple, and convenient to use. However, there are times when actual physical buttons offer something more than swiping and tapping at a touchscreen. Anyone old enough to cast their minds back to the glory days of the Gameboy who has subsequently downloaded some of the gaming apps widely available on iOS may have felt a pang of disappointment at the absence of controls you can press.

Well, a current  IndieGogo project by AJDesign Studio aims to redress that problem and help you to more accurately  recreate the experience on your iPhone with an ingenious silicone sleeve that emulates the original Gameboy’s pad.

Created by British Designer, Aws Jan who has raised 26% of his $16,000 funding goal on Indiegogo; the G-Pad integrates capacitive material on the inside of the sleeve to ensure responsiveness and requires no additional software, synchronising, pairing or otherwise. It simply slides up and over an iPhone (there is also a version available for iPad mini) that does a pretty good job of mimicking the on-screen controls.

If the funding goal is reached, Jan intends to offer a two-tone colour, which more accurately replicates the design of the original Gameboy. There are still some early bird offers available on Indiegogo if you want to secure yourself a lower price and be one of the first to get your hands on one.

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