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Tracking our Kids and Partners - A Moral Dilemma
Tracking our Kids and Partners – A Moral Dilemma

Tracking our Kids and Partners – A Moral Dilemma

With increased abductions and cheating spouses the idea for acquiring trackers is a real one. But the question is: should we track our partners/teenagers with GPS trackers? It is some sort of a dilemma. As a parent you would want to know where your kid is; or a spouse would want to know whether he/she is being cheated on.

There was once a public announcement that went like, “It is 10 pm, do you know where your children are?” It is a relevant question to every parent. It is now close to a decade and things have changed a big deal.

For yesteryears it used to be something you only saw on spy movies, but GPS trackers have found a way into the conventional society. Today, even with a tight budget you can have your tracker and keep an eye on anyone you wish to (including yourself).

The Dilemma – To Track or Not to Track?

The legality of tracking someone without their knowledge is still a hotly debated topic. In fact it is not legal to track someone without their consent even in the most democratic country. Another thing that brings in a different argument perspective is whether teens have the right to hide their location from you.

Well, you may go behind your teens or partners’ back and have them tracked. What will happen once they know? It is a dilemma that needs to be solved before you consider making the move.

The Current Situation

Big names high as presidents and prime ministers are caught cheating their spouses. A-list celebrities have broken marriages leading to costly divorces. Children are never safe anymore as violence and lawlessness becomes the order of the day. More often than not we regret why we never took the step to ensure that we know where our children or partners are at all times. But that only comes a little too late as we find ourselves in a big mess.

GPS tracking is here with us; affordable for anyone. However, its use to track family is not a fully accepted virtue. Thanks to the freedom of privacy, it is an uphill task to do tracking on someone even for innocent reasons such as ensuring their security. If ever caught doing such tracking on your own kids or partner, you face the risk of ruining your family. That is where we are now as a society.

The Pros and Cons of using GPS trackers on our teens and partners

The debate of whether or not to use GPS tracking apps on your children and partner will not be concluded any time soon. But looking at the pros and cons of such a move should bridge the lack of information when you are faced with the dilemma.


  • Safety for your children is no longer a matter to be taken lightly. With the opportunity to get that safety conveniently and easily you should not let the chance go.
  • Brings accountability in your relationships. You would want to know where your children and spouse have been. That is accountability and tracking would give you that with much ease.


  • The chance of losing trust is real. If you are doing the tracking behind your partners/kids’ back then be prepared with answers once they know.
  • Venturing into someone’s privacy is never a good thing. It may heart break you to see your cheating partner doing it like you don’t exist.

The Verdict

Safety and fidelity are two things that should never miss in a family. You need your children to be safe. On the other side you will also need to know that your partner is not straying. For that matter tracking becomes an indispensable part of the equation.

Yes, we should track our teens and partners but only with one condition. You let them know that you are doing and the reasons behind it. If you lose their trust it may take so long to win it back and the danger of losing your relationship is beckoning.

There is a lot in terms of tracking devices and apps whether for your kids or partners. Choose one or a few that would serve you well. As long as you are using GPS for the good reasons, there is no reason to feel guilt.

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