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Top 5 Baking Gadgets You NEED in Your Kitchen! - Appcessories
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Top 5 Baking Gadgets You NEED in Your Kitchen!

It’s Bake-Off season, which means endless Mary and Paul GIFs, more food puns than you could ever imagine and smoke alarms going off across the country as our baking endeavours don’t quite go to plan.  So to help you out (and to prevent any baking induced meltdowns), we’ve put together a list of the 5 best baking and food gadgets to help you get one step closer to becoming this week’s Star Baker!


1.   Drop Scales

We all know that scales are a basic necessity for any baker, but Drop Scales really changes the game.  These scales connect to your iPad and provide recipes and instructions based around which ingredients you have to hand – so if you are missing an ingredient or don’t have enough of something, the app will take these factors into account and adjust the recipe accordingly, even offering substitutions!

This is particularly fab if you want to adjust down the number of servings made to suit just one or two people (although I’d happy make a full batch of cakes just for myself…).  They’ve even thought about those icky baker’s hands and popped a little button on the scales which moves the recipe on, meaning you don’t need to mucky your iPad in the process.

Top 5 Baking Gadgets - Drop Scale


2.   Stirio Arms

A true tech gift to people as lazy as me, the Stirio Arms clip onto the rim of your pots and pans and automatically stirs your mixtures while you’re busy doing other things.  With a silent rechargeable motor, the Stirio runs for at least an hour which gives you time to focus on prepping other ingredients, cooking other courses, or sitting back and relaxing. There is only 2 speed settings, but that’s more than enough to get you on our way to being a culinary champ.

Yay to no more sore arms!

Top 5 Baking Gadgets - Stirio Arms

3.   KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

In similar vain to the Stirio, this clever little heater mixing bowl is perfect for recipes that need continuous stirring.  However, what makes this bowl extra clever is its’ ability to control its’ temperature to within 1 degree Celsius.  Perfect for making everything from sauces and custards to bread and fondue, the bowl even has a dedicated tempering mode for making your chocolate!

When off the stand, the unit can be used as a standalone appliance functioning as either a slow cooker or food warmer!  For the fancy mixing and stirring however, you also need a stand mixer to attach this bowl to, so expect to fork out quite a substantial amount of cash for that too (but if you’re a true Bake Off fiend, you’ll already have one!).

Top 5 Baking Gadgets - KitchenAid



4.   Egg Minder

Ever got home to bake and had no eggs?  Or ruined a perfectly good cake with a rotten one? Disaster, right? … Not any more!  The Egg Minder wirelessly connects to your smartphone (obviously) and tracks both the number of eggs you have and gives you an alert when you’re running low.  On top of that, the in-tray LED lights indicate which eggs are the oldest, meaning you waste less and don’t poison your pals!  Hurrah!


Top 5 Baking Gadgets - Egg Minder


5.   LG Smart Oven

Granted, these ones are pricey, and you can’t really just pop out and buy one for your kitchen counter.  But we just had to include them!

Perfect for budding chefs (or bakers) looking to up their game, LG’s smart ovens allow you to easily check and change cooking settings via your smartphone!  And if you’re super lucky (and rich), your shiny new smart oven will even talk to your LG smart fridge for some fancy recipe sending and automatic over setting.  Needless to say, this is the most 2016 thing that 2016 has offered me yet!

Top 5 Baking Gadgets - Smart Oven




Happy Baking!






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