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It has already been noted on this blog and countless others that we live in an age in which it feels almost compulsory to document your life in photos; with billions of photos taken each year and shared online. This leads to a very important question:

What do we do with all the photos we’re taking?

If you’re anything like me then your ‘camera roll’ or smartphone photo gallery will contain hundreds even thousands of unsorted images. You know what it’s like – you don’t just take one picture, you need to take 4 or 5 at a time in the hope that at least one of them is usable – and then the phone goes back into the pocket (or bag). And before you know it you’re faced with the mammoth task of searching for your best photos and favourite memories amidst a vast trove of tiny thumbnails.
Tidy App

Tidy App to the Rescue?

It certainly aims to address what’s becoming a very common problem; I found after a quick polling of 10 friends that despite averaging over 1,000 photos on their phone that only one of them had taken any time to keep their photos in some kind of order. The Tidy App launched in November 2013 for iOS and at the start of this year for Android and after proving popular in China, South Korea, and Thailand is now gaining more users in the US and Europe. Whilst there are already similar apps available for Android and iOS, the interface for the Tidy App is well thought out and takes the pressure off sorting through hundreds of photos.
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How does it work?

Once it has been downloaded Tidy accesses your phone’s gallery, and uses the metadata from your photos to make groupings. After all your photos have been group you can decide whether or not to create a gallery from them by swiping them to right.  By swiping photos to the left you can archive them, helping you to quickly and easily sort through your images into an order that works for you. Albums can be divided into 3 or 4 columns, or a “collage” style which has an erratic tendency to crop so that you need to tap on them to see the full image properly. Once an album has been created, there are options to favourite photos, add memos, and/or share; as well as customising the album name, lead photo, etc.

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