5 Amazing Things I Can Do With My Apple Watch Series 2

The launch of the Apple Watch in April 2015 marked Apple’s entry into wearables. Back then, it did not have an intricate tradition to grow on, which made it a bit difficult for the company to achieve the high levels of intuitive user-friendliness associated with its Mac and iOS devices. But with the launch of Apple Watch Series 2 in September 2016, there are some notable upgrades, improvements, and cool collaborations that make it a lot more useful to wearers. Here are some things I can do with my Apple Watch Series 2.

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1. Go Swimming

5 Amazing Things I Can Do With My Apple Watch Series 2Whereas the first Apple Watch was only splash-proof, the Series 2 is waterproof up to 50 meters. The smart watch features a redesigned speaker that needs air to make sound, which also helps to prevent water from getting into the device.

Waterproofing is one of the biggest selling points of the Series 2 Apple Watch. While you can swim in a pool or ocean, it is not advisable to wear the watch when going scuba diving.

When going swimming with the Apple Watch, you first tell it the length of the pool in order to use the lap counting feature. It will then measure your average pace, laps, active calories, and a bunch of other parameters.

However, GPS does not work when the watch is submerged in water. So you will get more accurate route mapping and distance reading when using the freestyle stroke.

The watch has an accelerometer that automatically determines your stroke and then works out the calories burnt depending on the type of stroke. When tested, the watch seemed to recognise different strokes – freestyle, breast, butterfly, back, and mixed – without having to tell it.

2. Map your routes

Fans were expecting a fully cellular second generation smartphone from Apple, which was not the case. Most functions require you to have your iPhone nearby. However, you can use the in-built GPS function without tethering your watch to an iPhone.

You can use the Watch’s GPS function with a Workout app to map your running or cycling or walking route; or pair it with a hiking app, such as “ViewRanger” to identify nearby hikes, keep you on the right trail, get notified about scenic spots while en-route,  and record your exercise or activity tracking.

If you have both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can enjoy seeing the two intelligently pass off route-tracking duties. The Apple Watch seems to know when the paired iPhone is out of range, and automatically gets a GPS signal. Otherwise, the GPS function on the Apple Watch remains off so the iPhone with a bigger battery can handle the tracking.

The Apple Watch relies on local data, GPS, and Wi-Fi to identify where the user is, so you can initiate your runs or other map-related tasks quite easily.

3. Coordinate your run with Siri and Apple Watch Nike+

Apple’s collaboration with Nike saw the release of the Apple Watch Nike+ version that is specifically designed for runners. The Apple Watch features a lightweight aluminium body, a perforated band for superior ventilation, and a special active watch face.

With this unique smartwatch, you can ask Siri to initiate a run. During the run, you can ask for a distraction-free display of your pace and the distances covered, or get an advanced mode with extra information about your workout.

The Apple Watch Nike+ also has a way to keep runners motivated by posing the question “Are WE Running Today?” accompanies with specific details including the last known time when you ran, information from your friends motivating you, or whether the weather is ideal for running outside.

The Nike+ version also has a “Just Do it Sundays” to motivate users to start the week by going on a run.

Owners of this watch also get an automatic membership to the Nike+ Run Club which gives you access to live runs across the globe, gear recommendations, and personalised coaching lessons.

4. Share your Activity circles with friends

Apple launched WatchOS 3 on 13th September, which is intended to not only make Watch apps launch 7 times faster, but also give users the opportunity to share their Activity circles with friends with the view to keeping each other motivated.

WatchOS 3 also allows owners to access the new Breathe app that helps with exercises for deep-breathing.

5. Access Pokemon Go

Apple Smart Watch Series 2 comes with the Pokemon Go app that displays how far a player needs to travel before hatching an egg; the needed experience points to move to the next level; and information about the player’s fitness.

The app will also allow users to view when there is a pokestop nearby, or when a pokemon appears, without looking at their smartphone.

Things I Can Do With My Apple Watch – Conclusion

These are just some of the things that users can now do with the Apple Watch Series 2. Of course, you can continue using Siri for a range of tasks, from messaging and calling people to setting alarms and timers to navigating or checking the weather. And if you have your locks or lights connected to Apple’s HomeKit, you can use Siri to control them.

Your turn – what’s been your experience with the Apple Watch Series 2 so far? Do you wish you could do some other things with it?

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