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The Gymwatch fitness tracker looks to be a game-changer

The Gymwatch: Serious Fitness Tracking

The Gymwatch

It’s never smart to underestimate the motivation of individuals who are massively serious about health and fitness. You know the type: they’re never satisfied to just go for a jog, do a few reps, or bounce through an aerobics class for fun. They want all of their personal stats, charted and mapped out for them. Some advice on how to push themselves even further is always appreciated as well. Perhaps this is why the Gymwatch fitness tracker was such a crowd funding success in May of 2014. The product raised almost twice of its $85,000 USD goal. Clearly, this is a gadget that’s in serious demand.

Here’s What It Can Do

003_gymwatch_fitness_trackingThe Gymwatch looks like it’s one of the more advanced fitness trackers on the market today, as it can measure personal performance in both weights and cardio. There’s no interface on the actual Gymwatch sensor; instead, it works with a companion app (currently for iOS only, though an Android app is reportedly in the works) to provide a wealth of information. Simply select the exercise you’re doing from the 900 on the app, put on the sensor, and everything you’re doing will be tracked: motion, correctness, number of reps, and more.

In addition, based on what the Gymwatch records, it will offer useful feedback on your workout — if you’re going too fast or slow, if your form needs improving, and how far you should push yourself. You can keep your phone on you as you exercise for both audio cues and live feedback, or you can leave your phone in your gym bag and analyse your workout later on. There’s a free Gymwatch web portal that will sync with the device as well.

Thorough, Though Pricey

Working with a personal trainer is an ongoing expense. Buying a Gymwatch is a one-time expense, and it can perform many of the same functions that a personal trainer can. It really does quite a lot. However, it still is not cheap.

One Gymwatch sensor will run you £130; a set of two sensors costs £255. If you’re serious about workouts and analysing your data, this is a super helpful device. However, if you’re a more casual fitness enthusiast, you may not be able to justify spending so much, especially with the wide array of other less expensive fitness trackers available.

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