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Atlas Wristband - A New Fitness Wristband
atlas wristband

The Atlas Wristband – A New Fitness Wristband

The Atlas Wristband – New, Smart, Automatic

There are lots of fitness wristbands out there, but most of them can’t really account for activities that aren’t walking or running. Sure, there are devices meant specifically for the gym, but there’s a lot of data entry involved with them; you’ve got to put in the type of exercise, and with some you even need to punch in the number of reps. This adds a lot of time and tedious work to your workout.

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Atlas Wristband 2 price when reviewed: $149.95


The new Atlas Wristband from Atlas Wearables, however, is different because it’s smart. It automatically knows what exercise you’re doing and can count reps, measure your heart rate, and give you all sorts of feedback (like a form score) to help you improve. If you’re a weightlifter who’s discouraged at the fitness wristband offerings, the Atlas may be exactly the wearable you’ve been waiting for.

atlas wristband

Hold Up The Sky…Or Do Some Sit Ups

The Atlas Wristband has three sensors to measure your movement on x, y, and z axes. It can instantly recognise many popular exercises, like curls, push ups, swimming strokes (it’s waterproof up to 50 metres), and so on, and it’s smart enough to know the difference between a tricep curl and a bicep curl. Plus, it can learn new exercises as workout trends change or as you adjust your exercise preferences.

The device’s freestyle mode is for your exercise tracking, while its coaching mode is designed to challenge you. You can also put the Atlas in watch mode, which makes it function like an ordinary sports wristband, counting steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and so on. There’s no sleep tracking, however.

it’s smart enough to know the difference between a tricep curl and a bicep curl

A Unique Aesthetic for a Fitness Wristband

You could theoretically wear the Atlas all day, though 24-hour tracking doesn’t seem to be the point of this wearable. For one thing, the shape is awkward, as the face of the device itself is not flush with the band. Instead, it protrudes a bit up your forearm, creating some strange right angles and a footprint that might take some getting used to.

However, there’s no mistaking the look of the Atlas — you’ll never confuse this device with any other fitness wristband. That could be an advantage for the Atlas Wristband, but only if you feel comfortable with the odd oblong shape on your wrist.

training with the atlas fitness wristband

The Atlas Fitness App

atlas band appOf course, the Atlas has a corresponding fitness app; the small readout on the wrist can show you only so much information. It works for both iOS and Android, and it offers full details and analysis of your workout, including recovery time and a progress tracker to watch your improvements and plateaus.

In addition, there’s a smart coaching feature (it’s more involved than the coaching mode) to push you even further; it’s good to see that the Atlas Wristband has this latest in-demand function.

The app is easy to use and contains graphics that are highly reminiscent of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. It includes a social component, so you can compare your workout with those of other users. And, it syncs with other health apps like MapMyFitness and Fitocracy. Plus, it’s got an open API, which means the potential for more compatibility in the future.

Still Waiting for the Atlas Fitness Wristbands to hit the Stores

The Atlas Wristband is a product of a ridiculously successful Indiegogo campaign; it was funded five times over in the spring of 2014, so this is a highly anticipated device. With recent necessary certifications from the FCC, IC, and CE, it’s ready for use in most countries. Now, we wait.

You can order (or pre-order, rather) an Atlas Wristband from the Atlas Wearables website. It’s priced at $249 USD, so about £160. As for when you’ll get it, there’s no firm date set. The initial projection was for July 2015, but now that it’s past that, the company expects it will ship in late 2015. An Atlas Wristband for Christmas? Possibly!

Important Update: The Atlas Wearables Band Has Launched

The time has finally arrived on October 13th 2015, Atlas Wearables have launched their long awaited fitness band at a live party at Vuka event lounge in Austin, Texas.   #themagicisreal

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