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Technology Hacks for Parents:

Technology Hacks For Parents: 5 Devices To Make Parenting Easier

Better Parenting Through Technology

There are cool and useful gadgets for every facet of life, and parenting is no exception. Whether your kids are six weeks old, six years old, or somewhere in between, there’s probably at least a dozen devices out there that could make your life less stressful. Here are five favourite gadgets for making parents’ lives easier.

1. Mimo Onesie Baby Monitor

mimo onesie

Most baby monitors are devices that go on a shelf, but the Mimo onesie baby monitor goes on your baby! A small sensor snaps into one of Mimo’s soft, kimono-style onesies and sends a wealth of information to your smart phone: temperature, sleep activity, breathing, position, and more. With this device, you can always rest assured that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely.

2. Beaba Babycook


All parents want their baby to eat good, healthy food, but not all parents have the time, know-how, or powerful kitchen appliances to whip up their own baby purees. Fortunately, the Beaba Babycook makes baby food preparation a snap. It steams fresh fruits and vegetables, then blends them into a consistency that’s easy for baby to eat, all in a single cooking vessel.

3. Pacifi Smart Pacifier


It doesn’t matter how badly you need to take your baby’s temperature — you can’t take away a kid’s pacifier without provoking a tantrum. But with the Pacifi smart pacifier, you never have to be in this delicate situation. The Pacifi has a built-in sensor than sends your baby’s temperature information via BlueTooth to an app on your smart phone. Problem solved.

4. Boon GLO Nightlight

81ECeiFvQmL._SL1500_Like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, Boon’s GLO is a fun, multi-coloured solution to kids’ fear of the dark. This small lamp has glowing phosphorescent balls that can be removed from the base, and they’ll continue to shine brightly for about 30 minutes — long enough for most kids to fall sound asleep. The GLO draws very little power, and it’s free of BPA, PVC, and phthalate, so its parts are completely safe for kids to hold.

5. Sony Universal Children’s Remote Control

61zgJ24sjqL._SL1500_Older kids love to be in control of the TV. The problem is that there are so many shows and news stories that aren’t appropriate for them to watch. With the Sony Universal Children’s Remote Control, parents can program in up to seven channels to give kids some safe choices. The little ones get the control, and the parents get peace of mind knowing that they won’t stumble upon something they shouldn’t see.


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