Talk to the hand with Bluetooth Gloves

Bluetooth Gloves

Every now and then a gadget comes along that is both pointless, but at the same time utterly perfect. The Bluetooth Gloves are one of those ideas. We all remember, at least those of us who were kids before every child had a smartphone, making the phone shape with our hands and having a pretend conversation with an imaginary friend, or Santa. Now you can actually make a real phone call in the same way.

Simply pair (that doesn’t count as a pun by the way) the gloves with your smartphone and then, using your thumb and pinkie finger in the usual fake-phone fashion, start talking away. The thumb has an inbuilt speaker so you can hear, where the pinkie finger has the microphone for talking.

Talk to the Hand

The gloves are also smartphone friendly in that you can us the touchscreen with your index finger or thumb. This is the perfect gift for the prank-loving technology geek in your life. They will revel in the odd looks they get from the public as they carry out a conversation like a three year-old talking to their imaginary friend on the phone.

There are now various brands on the market for these devices and start from around £25. For the purposes of this article we were looking at the Hi-Fun brand from for £49.99


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