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Tailio: Smart health monitor for cats
Tailo Feature

Tailio: Smart Monitor For Cats

The internet of things has made many of our lives easier, smart watches, smart phones, and all sorts of wonderful technologies to help make life better, but what about our beloved pets? Fear not for Tailio is a smart device specifically to ensure your Cat’s remains at the peak of their health.

Smart Monitor

The Tailio is a litter monitor that will track your pets weight, waste, visits and general litter habits. It uses this data to build up a picture of your cats regular behaviour and will inform you if there is any cause for concern. If you cat is lingering longer, visiting more often, or has a noticeable drop in weight over a short time, then the associated app will inform you of this so that you may take them to the vet to make sure they are doing ok. tailio _cat_monitor-6

Multiple Cat People

If you, like me, have more than one cat, the Tailio is smart enough to recognise the different visitors to the litter tray by general weight and behaviour. The Tailio can recognise different cats by their unique physiology and litter behaviours. The company don’t specify the number of cats it can tell apart from one another, but I’d imagine three is a safe number before things get confusing.


One of the major benefits of the Tailio system is being able to inform you of potential health issues with your cat. Unfortunately, at least for now, your cat can’t tell you if they are feeling ill or are having health concerns. Raising kittens is also helped by the Tailio as it can determine if your little ball of fur is progressing healthily.

Tailio has finished it’s kickstarter campaign, but you can still pre-order it via their website here.

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