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Tag Heuer Connected 2 - News, Rumors, Specs, Release Date

Tag Heuer Connected 2 – News, Rumors, Specs, Release Date

Before we go deep into the detils of the Tag Heuer Connected 2, let’s take a quick look at the events that preceded the inauguration of the king of the luxury smartwatches.

The Unexpected Winner

tag-heuer-connected-2Something happened in early 2015 that sent tremors across Watch Valley. Annual exports of Swiss-made timepieces dipped for the first time in recent recorded history. Luxury brand LVMH must have picked a whiff of the trend from a mile out. So, naturally, they gave a new generation of watch (and Silicon Valley) lovers a new generation of Tag Heuer—the absurdly expensive Tag Heuer Connected Watch, the first-ever smartwatch from a “Swiss Made” brand.

Tag Heuer Connected price when reviewed: $2,695.00


The thing cost a breezy GBP 1,100 (USD 1,500, AUD 2,000). Come release date, and the looks of it were nothing close to mediocre, either. Crushingly suave is probably the way to describe the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch.

It’s almost hilarious how a hell lot of critics wrote the Tag Heuer out before it had even been manufactured and released for the “mass” market. At GBP 1,100 it was the monarch of expensive smartwatches—twice the price of the dazzling Gold Huawei Watch, and about five times the cost of the very useful Moto 360 2 smartwatch. Apparently, this thing wasn’t going to sell and would be the last Connected Tag Heuer to slam the market off of its wallets and pulses.

It’s almost hilarious how a hell lot of critics wrote the Tag Heuer out before it had even been manufactured and released for the “mass” market. At GBP 1,100 it was the monarch of expensive smartwatches—twice the price of the dazzling Gold Huawei Watch, and about five times the cost of the very useful Moto 360 2 smartwatch. Apparently, this thing wasn’t going to sell and would be the last Connected Tag Heuer to slam the market off of its wallets and pulses.

Here’s what happened

The first batch sold out, unpredictably fast—within weeks of official announcement. LVMH Chief, Jean-Claude Biver, told Bloomberg in an interview later that the Tag Heuer Connected Watch was a success. In fact, the company, it has now been reviewed, was targeting the 15,000 units sold threshold—more than 20,000 units of the Connected Tag were sold before April 2016 came around. Production had to be boosted by 800 units per week past the earlier set 1,200 threshold. So what’s the moral lesson of this Tag Heuer Connected Watch success story?

There will definitely be a second coming—or something like that; a follow-up model to the first generation Tag Heuer Connected Watch is coming. That is now a given. The question is: What will the Tag Heuer Connected Watch be like? Will it even be called that?

We scoured through the right places, talked to a few Tag Heuer Connected Watch 1 owners on what they expect, and followed up with a few expectations and suggestions. Read on.

Tag Heuer Connected Watch 2: Design, Look and Feel

Tag heuer connected 2 smartwatchWe start by quoting Tag Heuer Chief’s own words, which proved psychic the last time we were expecting an intelligent timepiece from LVMH.

JC Biver told Reuters at the Baselworld event last year that the Connected version of the mechanical Tag Heuer timepieces was to give the “impression” that owners were sporting “a normal watch”.

We are damned if we expect the 2nd Gen. Tag Heuer Connected to be dramatically different in terms of looks and feel from the original Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch.

So it may still be round-faced, with the shell crafted out of chic materials, and the glass on the display still sporting an ultra-hardened sapphire sheet. The lugs might remain keenly polished too, and attached to both the bezel and the round metal crust of the rest of the shell. The plastic case back around might remain unsurprising as well.

Tag Heuer vs Apple

Biver has also been caught out commenting that the Apple Watch has no sex appeal and that it appears feminine. He dismissed Cupertino’s efforts at designing a watch as something a student would sketch some three months into their first-ever semester.

Should that mean the return of the chunky, masculine-looking, and classic impression of the outgoing Connected Watch?

To further reinforce this outlook, Biver swung another jab at Apple by clearly insinuating that the Apple Watch was not a “real” watch (compared to the Tag Heuer Connected, allegedly) but he also seemed to “commend” Apple for working (“being instrumental”) towards “getting young people to wear a wristwatch again” before they could go on and maybe buy “a real watch”—a Tag Heuer Connected, apparently.

That should grind any hopes that a new Tag Heuer will look or even feel like an Apple Watch effective now.

New Models

Yet, Biver told Bloomberg that thanks to the success of the first intelligent Tag Heuer, and the stunning demand that awaits, the next generation of connected Tag Heuer will come in a number of varieties, “a collection” of at least three versions made up of different materials, executions and varieties.

According to Biver, each extension model would be unique from the first. He said the company had approved a gold version and another version with diamond set within its body. Tag Heuer could be pulling an LG trick here—making bling versions of the Tag Heuer Connected Watch 2 appeal to a younger generation of timepiece wearers. That is not unlike the modern-looking LG G Watch Urbane and the classic LG G Watch R scenario.

That Priceless Look

Despite hailing the first Connected Tag as the ultimate looker of a smartwatch, a significant number of you found fault with that plastic back and rubber band. Most people expected there’d be an option to customize the band and upscale to a stainless steel version, for example. That would have been fitting to match the titanium grade II body of the watch module. That was never to come.

To start with, the company may have just been playing safe considering it was their first shot at the smart watch arena. Tag Heuer also admits to using the titanium in place of stainless steel to narrow down the overall weight of the rather stocky timepiece—it is 3 mm thicker than the Apple Watch and weighs 52 grams (astonishingly). This time, the new collection may feature a slimmer profile, not Apple Watch slim clearly, but slimmer nevertheless.

Colored Bands

An option to swap colored bands (and bands made of different materials such as leather and stainless steel) may accompany the second revelation as well. The original Tag Heuer Connected did avail seven colored bands, but those weren’t replaceable. However, to conserve its “classic” air, we think Biver and Co. will only avail such customization options with one or more of the bling variants—not with the Classic model.

The 1.5-inch LCD (transflective) screen will not be taking up more real estate, we expect, but the 360 X 360 pixels (250ppi) screen will need some sharpening. For the stratospheric price, the Tag Heuer Connected looked and felt dimmed when we compared it to the likes of the Moto 360 (280ppi) and both the eye-catching Huawei Watch (308ppi) and the Apple Watch (308ppi).

In light of JC Biver’s comments that his division wants to make the Tag Heuer appear like a real watch, that screen should still be backlit and be featuring ambient light mode—an always-on display that’s bright enough to help tell the time without one needing to flick the wrist to wake the screen just to view the time.

Tag Heuer Connected 2 Watch Faces

Speaking of views, the original Tag Heuer Connected came with three watch faces out of the box: black, blue and white. By a long shot, the white watch face was a bit baffling to the keen eye. Yes, considering the price. At close attention, the white dial didn’t seem natural—like you’d expect a mechanical Tag Heuer Carrera to appear. It was pixilated, appearing artificial—with the black option being the best-looking of all.

A brighter, perhaps sharper screen resolution would help solve that issue. But, with thousands of compatible Android Wear-based watch faces available free, the company may or may not increase the number of default watch faces—but chances are they will keep in sync with the competition.

Tag Heuer Connected 2 Review: Software and Features

Tag Heuer Connected 2 Review: Software and FeaturesStraight out of the box, the Tag Heuer Connected worked like any other (way) cheaper Android Wear smartwatch.

Android Wear for IOS

The previous model ran on Google’s Wear OS for Android-based wearable technology. But, it did come with a rather hushed IOS support—so much so that we thought they never really intended this thing for the iPhone user. Having said that, the IOS version works fine up to date, only missing a couple of cool features that the Android nation enjoy. Or maybe LVMH initially felt they should avoid direct competition with the Apple Watch—until they realized that people did actually want to tag along.

This should be rectified in the Tag Heuer Connected 2’s user experience and compatibility with IOS devices. That way, the playing field can level out for anyone who wishes to sport a pricey intelligent watch on their wrist without minding mobile platform compatibility issues.

Add to the fact that the number of useful Android Wear apps has rocketed in the past couple of months; the Tag Heuer Connected 2 should be a beehive of activity this time around. That’s different from last time when over 60% of all Wear apps were either outright watch faces or something close, or just junk.

Software Matters

From superb health and fitness apps such as Endomondo and Google Fit, through to golfing games such as Hole9, and mapping specialty apps such as CityMapper, the Connected Watch 2 may be more of a practical smart watch than the somewhat GBP 1,100 fashion statement it was at the inauguration. For example, the previously novel connectivity options of the smartwatch (WI-FI and Bluetooth) may come in handy for connecting to a variety of Android Wear compatible smart devices via an app such as IF by IFTTT (free).

We did like how the former Tag Connected was a beauty with brains. The innards worked well enough. And the rather dull software side of it was almost purely an Android Wear evolution issue. Let’s hope the tables won’t turn at the Tag Heuer Connected 2 release date.

Based on what we’ve seen (from the first Connected Watch), we expect the new Tag Heuer Connected 2 to perform the regulars without a glitch: calculate steps, calories burnt, distance covered, time and speed used.

However, what we all want is the ability to measure heart rates. At this price (again) we had expected the privilege from the start. But it did miss out. Maybe, this time, Tag Heuer will come around and fit the new Connected Watch with a heart rate monitor. Yet, that would mean redesigning a part of the watch’s metal body. Since the charging deck on the case back hosts the charging dock (which strikes an onlooker as an HRM at first sight), a shift in design might be necessary to fit a new optical deck for an HRM.

Tag Heuer Connected 2 Release Date

When he spoke to Bloomberg about the other upcoming variant models, JC Biver said the collection was due for release towards the end of 2016, which could extend to early 2017.

He also reviews that the company would be aiming to produce over 200,000 units to boost the movement. He also reiterates that despite working with Intel (hardware assembly) and Google (software specialist), the watches will at least be made “50% Swiss”, claiming that in order for a product to be labeled “Swiss Made”, it needs to be 50% assembled in Switzerland.

Distribution is expected to be through retailers, but there’s a good chance buyers could buy new Tag Heuer Connected 2 smartwatches online. That is considering the relatively huge volume set up for production ahead of the Connected Watch 2 release. The current situation, where there are very few Tag Heuer Connected 1 watches available for purchase online, came about as a result of the shortage experienced earlier after demand outstripped supply. And retail stores were given priority for new supplies that came out.

Tag Heuer Connected 2 Battery Life

The original’s (410 mAh) survived a respectable full day on a single charge. But that version didn’t feature battery hungry functions such as built-in GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.

What if both the aforementioned features do show up in the runner-up watch? Then the new Tag Heuer will definitely need a larger than 410 mAh battery to pull through 24 hours unplugged.

Are there some remarkable specs you’d like included in the upcoming Tag Heuer Connected 2? Let your will be known and there’s a chance it might be done. Feel free to name it in the interactive comments section below.
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  1. Joe

    I would want water resistant added to the list of features.

    I like the look of the watch, however the numerous bad reviews relate to software issues, lack of features on this watch and the outrageous price, I could not justify the purchase .

  2. Dan

    Water resistance for sure! That’s the one step that separates useful from useless. And the battery life of one day is too low, it’s nothing

  3. Dan

    … And general toughness. Make it fit for playing tennis or volleyball, polo or paintball – in other words for the situations where you can’t wear your mechanical Heuer 01!

  4. Ivan

    Waterproof feature, full titanium body, two straps shipped in the box (silicone and leather), quick release straps, better resolution, longer battery. Perhaps also a version without the sporty bezel to make it more”distinguished”.
    I own the watch along with the Huawei Watch, and the transflective screen of the Tag leaves all the others behind in terms of readability in bright sunlight – I have to cover the Huawei with my hand to be able read the screen, where the Tag looks like a normal watch.

  5. Rick

    Match the functionality off the Tizen engined Samsung Gear S3 but with the style and elegance of the Tag Connected. The display on the S3 is awesome, battery life is workable up to 4 days with normal use and there’s no lag in use. Get somewhere near and you’ll have a winner. Standard 22mm band would be good for customisation.

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