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Top 10 Stylish Tech Accessories - Geek Out in Style 2017

Top 10 Stylish Tech Accessories – Geek Out in Style 2017

Stylish tech accessories are the results of a confluence between technology and style. Traditionally, tech products have been more function than form. Product designers were often focused on making a device or gadget efficiently practical without much thought as to how it looks. Just take a look at these throw back tech products to remind you how far we have come in terms of design and aesthetics in our gadgets.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on making gadgets look as good as they function. Style has become an even bigger priority as we have gotten more addicted to our devices. No one wants to carry around or take a selfie with an ugly bulky phone. With the rise of personal tech products and wearables, aesthetics have become just as important as the function.

Increasingly, devices look more like fashion accessories that tech products. Here are 10 such chic gadgets you can find in the market.

1. Stylish Tech Accessories – Smartphone cases

Top 10 Stylish Tech Accessories - Geek Out in Style 2016m cofused_clear_boostcaseSmartphone cases are obvious targets of stylish, sometimes over the top, designs. You will find rugged leather cases designed to withstand all sorts of rough treatment.

One the other end of the scale you will find delicately bejeweled cases costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some come with added functionality such as an extra battery pack, waterproof protection or as storage for tools.

On the low end of the cost scale, phone cases will simply be embellished with captivating designs. Examples of this include Marcelo Burlon iPhone cases, Trident Cases and Mybat cases. While they are made to protect the phone, their graphics and patterns turn them into fashion accessories.

If you are looking for added functionality, try BOOSTCASE. It comes with a modular battery pack that you can attach to the case for extra juice.

The IN1 Tools case allows you to travel around with a selection of small tools always nearby.

For something flashier, head over to They have a range of bejeweled phone cases. Some stores will even stock gold and diamond cases.

2. Glitzy smartwatches

Smartwatches are a fairly recent phenomena. Large tech companies including Apple, Samsung and LG have rushed to offer unique smartwatches in an effort to dominate the market. The Smartwatch has been subjected to more ‘styling’ than most other stylish tech accessories .

Apple has its premium watches with custom luxury belts. Outside of the traditional tech industry, there are also some interesting pieces especially from fashion brands. Michael Kors Access Smartwatches are a good example.

Looking at these stylish tech accessories, you would not even tell they are smartwatches.

Traditional watch makers have also come in with their own trendy pieces. The Mondaine Heveltica 1 Smartwatch is a gorgeous masterpiece that easily retains the chic workmanship of the Mondaine brand while still providing Smartwatch functionality.

Another that grabs attention is the Swarovski Shine. It is a fitness tracker with no shortage of sparkle in it. If this is not enough for you, you can also try the Swarovski Activity Crystal Slake Set, which resembles a bracelet more than an activity tracker.

But the one that takes the top prize is Samsung Gear S2 by De Grisogono. The straps are embellished with gold and diamonds, meaning you need to dig deep into your pocket to get one. In fact, you need to set up an appointment to make a purchase.

3. Embellished charging cords and cables

Connect and charge your devices in style. Instead of the cliché black or white cables, try something a bit more unusual. There is this iPhone charger that comes in a chic rose gold color. You can also get it in bright orange or rose pink.

For something a bit more unique try the chargers at They come in all colors and patterns including Rastafarian, Black Ice and party colors. If you have $50 to spare, get the stylish iPhone leather charging cable. It can even attach to your bag to be with you wherever you go.

As you look for a good enough cable to match your elegant lifestyle, how about getting a designer cable holder in the process. It will keep your cables organized and look good while doing it. Here are a few designs to start you off. Or get one of these leather cable holders on Etsy.

4. Gold and diamond encrusted smartphones

18-carat gold iPhone by GressoLong before jeweled smartwatches were cool, gold encrusted smartphones were already a thing. In the UK, Alexander Amosu has been selling gold and diamond smartphones to the super-rich for several years now. You can order an 18-carat gold BlackBerry with 4459 diamonds for £120,000. But this price tag is pocket change compared to what some other luxury style-focused handsets go for.

In 2014, Falcon Luxury made headlines for selling a Pink Diamond iPhone for $48.5 million. For something relatively affordable check out the 18-carat gold iPhone by Gresso starting from $4,000.

When your budget is generously expansive, a $600 smartphone is cheap compared to what you can get. You can spend anything between several thousand dollars and millions to get some stylish tech accessories that set you apart from the crowd.

5. High tech jewelry

vinaya altruis smart biometric braceletJewelry is an easy target for technology. We always have jewelry pieces close and they can be easily loaded with sensors to accomplish a number of things. One area where tech companies have focused on is fitness tracking. Stylish tech accessories like necklaces, bracelets and rings are packed with various sensors that can monitor heart rate, steps, distance and other metrics.

The aforementioned Swarovski Activity Crystal Slake Set is a good example. It looks more like a cool bracelet than a fitness tracker.

London-based startup, Vinaya, has created a biometric bracelet to help people manage the schedules and lower stress levels. has a variety of smart luxury rings that bring you smartphone notifications. The rings come in quartz, black onyx and obsidian varieties. They also have the Aries bracelet that delivers notifications and provides activity tracking.

If you are looking for something really unique, try Bellabeat leaf. It is a fitness tracker designed in the shape of a dainty leaf. You can wear it as a pendant on your neck chain, attach it to your clothes or wear it as a bracelet. With its classic design, no one would even think it is a tech piece. It can track sleep, your menstrual cycle and daily activity.

There is a huge variety of creative USB flash drive designs disguised as necklaces and bracelets. In the future, as more sensors are added to jewelry, you will be able to do even more things like make payments, track temperature and even track your location through GPS.

6. Clothing with smart tech

myzone-sports-braWhile the wearable craze started mostly with smartwatches, it has rapidly spread to clothing. These days, a shirt may not just be any other shirt and that pair of sneakers may have more features than you expect. With the rise of smart clothing, you can look dapper and still pack amazing tech right within your wear.

Take the stylish MyZone Sports Bra for example. It includes a built-in heart rater sensor that can measure your heart rate and share the data with a Bluetooth connected device. For your runs, you can get the cool Lumo Run smart running shorts. The shorts contain sensors that track stride length, cadence and various other running metrics. The sensors send you feedback to your headphones in real time, helping you improve your performance as you run.

Smart clothing and stylish tech accessories are not just about fitness. Take the Owlet smart sock. It is made for infants and can monitor heart rate, breathing and activity. Through a Bluetooth connected iPhone app, you can tell whether your little one is okay and if he is still asleep.

In what is certainly a unique innovation, Samsung is said to be developing a smart NFC suit. The suit comes with NFC tags that allow you to do things like unlock your Smartphone, swap information with another phone and whatever else the Korean giant decides can be done with the suit.

7. Handbags to recharge your phone and do more

Your clutch or handbag could do more for you than just holding your stuff. Many of those stylish accessories are actually ‘disguised tech’ handbags are designed to work as portable phone charging stations. A great example is the Everpurse. It comes with a smart pocket where you just slide your phone to charge it on the go. When you get home, just place the bag on a special mat to wirelessly recharge it. The handbag is compatible with iPhone only.

For non-iPhone users, a good alternative is the Mighty Purse. It works with any smartphone that has a micro USB port. This includes Android phones and almost all brands of tablets.

8. Smart belts

Like jewelry, belts are a ripe target for tech because we move around with them all the time. They are especially great as fitness trackers. Most of the smart belts you will find out there incorporate sensors that can monitor your footsteps, distance traveled, and other metrics. Some of these stylish tech accessories can even track your waistline, keeping you aware of your weight loss progress.

Let’s begin with Samsung’s beautiful smart belt, which they are calling the Welt. The buckle contains an array of sensors to track and individual’s health and wellness. It also has a USB port for charging. By pairing it with a smartphone app, you can monitor your waistline, activity level and eating habits. Though it started out as a lab project at Samsung, it seems the innovators behind it decided to turn it into a consumer product. You can preorder it on KickStarter.

Currently, not many fashion or tech companies are jumping onto the idea of a smart belt. But that could change in coming years as wearables grow in demand. Smart but fashionable belts will be used to accomplish a variety of things from GPS tracking for hikers to advanced fitness and health monitoring.

9. Eye-catching camera

We are so used to black cameras from the likes of Nikon and Sony that we forget these shot capturing gadgets can also be used as trendy fashion accessories. If you are a photographer with an eye for the elegant, there is a wide range of stylish cameras to choose from in the market.

Start your search with Leica cameras. These eye-catching and stylish tech accessories are not only brilliant in their function, they also look cool in your hands. We suggest checking out Leica Sofort, Leica X-U and Leica Q.

You can also try the Polaroid Cube. It is a tiny but breathtakingly colorful camera that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its small size and playful style, it can take some really amazing snaps.

10. Head turning headphones

we are frends stylish accessories headphonesHeadphones are not just good for beats; they can also be killer fashion statements. Thanks to some creative minds, there is no shortage of beautiful, stylish, cool and elegant headphones. Just look at these fun FRENDS x BaubleBar headphones. They come with enough jewels to turn every head in the city.

Or try these $400 elegant leather headphones from Master Dynamic. They come in several colors including brown, silver metal and gunmetal.

When it comes to fashionable headphones, Skullcandy is hard to beat. Check out their collection of headphones and in-ear earphones for some really cool styles.

For something masculine and rugged, Marshall has a great variety of stylish tech accessories. If you are looking for something more dainty and luxury, some great pieces include Skinnydip x Bling headphones, Dolce & Gabbana Printed Headphones and Parrot Zik Bluetooth headphones.

Stylish Tech Accessories – Geek Out in Style

For years technology and fashion advanced on parallel tracks. Technology was all practical while fashion was all aesthetics. As the two industries converge, there is no end to the amount of innovation we are going to see. The fashionable tech accessories highlighted above are a glimpse into a future where the two fields will be inseparable.

Whether you are looking to buy a new smartphone, fitness tracker or headphones, don’t go for the flat and boring; geek out in style.

Which are your favorite fashion tech accessories? Leave your comments below.
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