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Soundlazer - A Cool Directional Speaker

Soundlazer – A Cool Directional Speaker

Soundlazer – A Precise Beam Of Audio

If you’ve ever heard audio through a parametric speaker, you know how technologically advanced it is. When you’re standing in the spot toward which the speaker is focused, the sound is pristine and enveloping. It sounds like a high-end speaker should sound. Take two steps away from that spot, however, and you hear absolutely nothing but ambient noise. If you didn’t know that great sound was just two steps over, you’d never suspect a thing. It’s truly remarkable technology. Although parametric sound was first developed in the 1960s, it’s never really been widely available for home use. Well, until now, that is. With the affordable Soundlazer parametric directional speaker, anyone can enjoy listening to music, practising audio programming (thanks to Soundlazer’s completely hackable circuit board), and more.

More Than A Regular Speakera8882f5298cf85a7614be9a2ea3dda2e_large

The Soundlazer speaker sounds as good as any high quality speaker you can buy. It can play music from any computer or mobile device via a cable. Plus, Soundlazer is open source, meaning that developers can examine its technical ins and outs to tweak, improve, or expand the device.

In addition to the Soundlazer’s cool factor, consider how useful it might be to the average audiophile. For example, there’s no longer any need to resort to headphones to listen to music when quiet is called for. It also has business applications; consider how a Soundlazer speaker could be used in advertising or retail to beam audio messages to individuals standing in a certain spot.

A Crowd Funding Success Story

The original Soundlazer speaker was a Kickstarter success story, receiving more than two and half times its original goal back in May of 2012. That speaker, along with a Soundlazer Developer’s Kit, is available through the device’s website.

Currently, the Soundlazer team is in the midst of another Kickstarter campaign for a more affordable parametric speaker, the Soundlazer Snap. Once again, the project has received pledges totalling well over twice its original goal, and units are being shipped to initial backers in 2015.

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