Sonos Android Wear Support

Sonos support coming to Android Wear soon

With an already increasing number of apps and devices gaining support for Android Wear devices, it seems that Sonos is also working on a way to bring Android Wear support for its products via a new Android Wear Sonos remote application that is currently in beta testing.

sonos android wear

Control Sonos from your Smartwatch

According to a post on the company’s forum, the beta version of the Sonos Android Wear app is running on a Moto 360 that enables users to control wireless connected Sonos speakers from the smartwatch. Apparently, the beta version offers basic track manipulation functions, such as playing and pausing tracks, and skipping back and forth among tracks, though there is no volume control yet.

Currently, you can find Sonos remote controls app for Android mobile devices, which means that you can navigate your tracks, control the volume, and perform other functions from there in the meantime. That said, adding an Android Wear app will allow you to control your music hands-free, even when your phone is across the room.

Future CompatibilitySony-SmartWatch-3

While the app is still being tested by beta users, other people can also sign up for the beta program to test its functionality before the official launch. Sonos claims that the app has been designed to work with all current Android Wear devices, so it should be compatible with not only the available devices, but also future devices, such as the Asus Zen Watch and the Sony Smartwatch 3.


An Individual Experience

Android Wear is renowned for delivering a bespoke experience in a smart watch, so that you only install what you need to use, making every watch fundamentally different from the next. Sonos is set to add value to Android devices, which is important considering that there is a highly-awaited Apple Watch expected to hit the market in early spring 2015.

If you own any Sonos products and also use an Android Wear smartwatch, you may want to check out the beta version.

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