Snapjet: Polaroid Photos With Any Smartphone

Instant Gratification

Polaroid cameras were bulky, their film was expensive, and the photos weren’t exactly sharp: no one was going to mistake them for crisp, professional images. But as far as cool factor and creativity goes, Polaroid photography has always been unbeatable. In the days before digital cameras, this was photographic instant gratification, and you couldn’t get it anywhere else.

Digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets offer us the same type of immediacy with our images: take a picture, look at it a few seconds later. However, what they don’t give us is something tangible — a photograph we can hold in our hands, put in a frame, or stick on a refrigerator. Recapturing that sense of instant-gratification-made-tangible is Snapjet, a compact printer that makes Polaroid photos out of any smartphone image.


Old Idea, New Optics

Snapjet is easy to use with any smartphone. You don’t need an app or a cable, and set up is a snap. Simply place your phone screen side down on the Snapjet, push a button, and, thanks to an innovative lens-free optical system, an incredibly high quality Polaroid picture prints out.

Aside from the fun of having a retro-style, incredibly easy print-on-demand system, Snapjet has lots of uses. Scrapbookers will enjoy being able to quickly add smartphone photos to their creations, and you can effortlessly share digital images with loved ones who may not have embraced the latest technology. It’s got loads of potential for the business world, too: photos of a new work site, custom on-the-fly business cards, and much more.

Crowd Funded

Snapjet recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign in which it surpassed its lofty goal of $155,000. The product itself is still in development and has an expected ship date of November 2015.  And if you’re wondering if the film for Snapjet is easy to find, it is: the Polaroid 300 or Fuji Instax Mini film it requires is widely available.

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