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Skylock is a Solar-powered Smart Bike Lock

Skylock Smart Bike Lock

Any Terminator fan will be able to tell you that Skylock is essentially like Skynet, except instead of a self-aware artificially intelligent system intent on ridding the world of humankind, it’s a ‘smart’ bike lock hell-bent on ridding the world of stealable bikes. Ok, so the comparison might not be spot on but the names are pretty close. Skylock is actually a new start-up by two engineers (who have worked for the likes of Boeing and other appcessories manufacturer, Jawbone) who wanted to develop a modern bike lock that was more safe, secure, and convenient to use.

How does Skylock work?

Skylock The lock itself is solar-powered with about 1 hour of direct sunlight able to provide enough energy for a whole week (based on 5 lock/unlock events and 2-3hrs of Wi-Fi connectivity per day); though can also be charged via micro-USB.  And hailed as one of the most convenient advantages is the fact that Skylock is utterly key-less, cause every cyclist knows what a burden having to use a conventional key is. Instead Skylock works with a companion app (which will be available for Android and iOS by launch date) via Bluetooth, and can be set-up to Auto-Unlock when you reach a within a certain proximity. You can also unlock your bike remotely by connecting to a local Wi­Fi network, allowing your friends (provided they can be trusted) to take your bike for a quick spin.

What else do you need to know?

Skylock Well… it also features an accelerometer so that it can detect and alert you if your bike is being tampered with (the sensitivity can be configured so you aren’t bombarded with constant alerts if you leave your bike in a busy area where accidental bumps from clumsy pedestrians are a common occurrence). And a Crash-Alert System can be set up to call an ambulance or loved one if the Skylock detects that you might have, well, crashed.

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Skylock is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $179.99 (+$35 for international shipping) so is pretty steep; but with a forecasted retail price of £249.00 now would be the time to get an order in if it tickles your fancy. Shipping is expected early 2016.

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