Samsung release Ultrasonic Cover

Samsung release Ultrasonic Cover & 2 other Galaxy Core Advance accessories

Ultrasonic CoverSamsung has announced three new accessories for use with their Galaxy Core Advance Smartphone designed to offer assistance to users with disabilities and visual impairments. The development of the assistive technology accessories follows ‘research and in-depth interviews’ conducted by the South Korean tech giant to provide an improved user experience for communities that require special assistance at an affordable price.

The Ultrasonic Cover

The Ultrasonic case fits around the edge of the Smartphone, and enables users to detect obstacles up to 2 metres away and provide notifications via vibration or TTS feedback.

Optical Scan Stand

An Optical Scan Stand

When placed above printed materials a text recognition application will be activated that will read aloud to the user. The activastion is automatic, and kicks in as soon as text is placed on the stand so is ideal for solitary use.

Voice Label

This device helps users to distinguish objects, and assign notes and tag voice labels conveniently. For instance, users can record a short explanation on how to use electronics and access their notes before using.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

Whilst the Galaxy Core Advance is one of Samsung’s lower spec models; it boasts a large 4.7” display and comes equipped with a range of smart features designed to offer disabled and visually impaired users with the same kind of benefits as other Smartphone’s in the Galaxy series. And their press release Samsung states it is their intention to ‘expand accessibility of other Galaxy devices in the future.’

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