Rock out on a FretPen: a portable guitar…that’s also a pen


If music is your passion and the guitar your instrument of choice then you want to be able to play whenever and wherever you can. However there are practicalities to consider – it’s not always possible or advisable to carry about your guitar and start strumming away whenever the notion takes you. This is exactly why guitar enthusiast, Mark Roebke, combined his entrepreneurial background in mobile technology and electronic sensors to develop the FretPen. A fully functional pen that can offers an authentic guitar playing experience (and can be carried around in your pocket). Roebke states that the FretPen is not only for avid or experienced guitarists, but for beginners also; by offering an accessible introduction, a convenient tool for practice, and helping to develop muscle memories, which will be transferable to full size guitar play.
FretPen: a portable guitar

How does the FretPen work?

The FretPen has a modular design, which consists of three primary components:

The FretPen Neck
This is essentially a mini wooden fretboard, which boasts patent-pending touch sensitive technology to detect your finger location accurately. Whilst a normal guitar generates sound via the vibration of the strings, it is the movement of your finger on the FretPen Neck which generates and instantly plays notes and chords.

The FretPen Body
This contains the electronics that power the FretPen Neck and enable wireless playback; with a micro-USB port for charging the FretPen. It also features a directional pad, which you can see from the video is used to navigate the virtual fretboard (you can move up and down the scale to access 6 strings and 12 frets).

The Pen Tip
This is the accessory, which transforms your FretPen into a full functioning pen (for signing all those autographs).

The FretPen App

The FretPen will feature Bluetooth LE technology which will allow users to convenient pair to an iOS device (and Android compatible version is under consideration) and the companion app. There are two modes to choose from: PLAY (with options to select acoustic or electric guitar tones, add effects, and experiment with playing styles), and LEARN (ideal for budding guitarists looking to practice and develop finger dexterity).
Fret Pen App


The FretPen Kickstarter campaign launched on Monday, and has already raised $10,000 of it’s $35,000 target. Estimated delivery is July this year and you can still pick one up for $119 (plus $25 for international shipping).

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