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Roundflash - The Ring Flash Upgraded

Roundflash – The Ring Flash Upgraded

Roundflash – The Ring Flash V2.0

As any experienced photographer can tell you, ring flashes provide beautiful, soft, and even lighting for portraits. They help to dampen shadows, and they create an alluring halo effect in the eyes of subjects. The problem with ring flashes is that they’re expensive. Plus, it’s just one more piece of delicate equipment to take with you or set up. The Roundflash takes all of the benefits of a ring flash and puts them in a much more convenient package. It’s more affordable than conventional ring flashes, and because there’s no glass, wires, or filaments inside of it, you don’t have to worry about potential breakage.

Same Concept, Different Execution

Essentially a softbox, the Roundflash is full of reflective material on the inside. It fits easily over most DSLR lenses and external hot shoe flashes and is secured with velcro. Then, when you snap the shutter, the Roundflash evenly distributes the light from your external flash to create a ring flash effect. There’s no wire to connect and to batteries to keep charged, making the Roundflash as convenient as it is effective.

The Roundflash collapses into a small, portable bag. When you want to use it, it simply snaps open. It’s also extremely lightweight at only 333 grams, making it a breeze to use when you’re shooting handheld. Because it’s a bit large (with a diameter of 45 cm), some photographers worry that it puts a significant physical barrier between themselves and their subjects. However, a skilled photographer should still be able to engage with subjects even with the Roundflash installed; the benefits it offers outweigh this inconvenience.

A Practical Solution

Available for purchase now, the Roundflash is fairly affordable at around £100. It’s a perfect accessory for photographers who shoot out in the field rather than in a studio, as it’s so lightweight and portable. However, it is a viable and inexpensive solution for studio photographers as well. Finally, it’s extremely useful for making macro photos, as it provides clean, even lighting without heavy shadows.

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