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Review of the latest iPhone 6 rumours

So, the iPhone 6. Nobody really knows for certain exactly what we can expect from Apple’s new iPhone. The only thing that is absolutely, positively, and inarguably true is that there will be an iPhone 6 released later this year. Except maybe not, as even the name has yet to be confirmed. It’s not completely implausible that 2014 could be the year of the iPhone Air. What follows is nothing more than a collection of rumours, speculation, and well-educated guesses.

Release date

Rumours surrounding the release date of the iPhone 6 have abounded the web since last year. Early predictions that we would see June release date can almost certainly be disregarded. It seems much more likely that the next iPhone will follow in the footsteps of its last 4 predecessors; an announcement by Apple sometime in September and a release date within a few weeks thereafter. It was reported recently by Reuters that Apple suppliers were gearing up for mass producing displays as early as May, which would place a launch date around Autumn.


Stunning images of iPhone 6 concepts and leaked images might be tantalising for iPhone enthusiasts and gadget geeks, but offer little clues as to the final design. There is a school of thought that it will feature a much larger 4.7” display; Apple’s CEO Tim Cook discussed the potential of a bigger iPhone recently in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, which gave rise to much conjecture of this possibility. Rumours abound of the potential of an even larger 5.5” phablet style iPhone, but there is little to no concrete evidence that this will be the case.

Health Focus

The increasing number of available fitness trackers and compatible apps has given rise to a growing number of adherents to the quantified self movement; monitoring everything from sleep, calories, exercise, and more. Last year Apple hired a number of medical, health, fitness, and sensor experts, which does point to the possibility that the new iPhone will join the growing number of Android devices for tracking your fitness and health. For an insight into what that might look like 9to5 Mac detail what the iOS Healthbook app might look like.

Will there be an Apple iWatch to boot?

Following a recent report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, which claimed Apple suppliers TPK, Richtek and Quanta Computer have all been ordered to start production on various iWatch components this looks highly probable. Allegedly all suppliers have been advised by Apple to begin production for delivery in August, which would tie in with rumours that consumers will be able to get their hands on them (and wrists into them) along with the new iPhone from September.

Watch this space for the latest news and updates.

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