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Q2 Success: An Awesome Start for the Apple Watch
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Q2 Success: An Awesome Start for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch – Strong Out of the Gate

The Apple Watch has been available to the public only since April 24 of this year, but it’s already carving out a respectable piece of market share for itself. In the second quarter of 2015 (that’s April, May, and June), its first quarter of availability, the Apple Watch managed to grab almost 20% of the global smart wearables market.

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The numbers are impressive, even for a product as highly anticipated as Apple’s shiny new toy. Apple shipped 3.6 million of its smartwatches in the second quarter. For comparison, Fitbit, the leading retailer of smart tech wearables, shipped 4.4 million for nearly a quarter of the market.

The Numbers, More in Depth

What makes Apple’s numbers even more remarkable is that it’s all from one device. Yes, the Apple Watch is available in a number of different configurations, but it’s still a single product. Fitbit, on the other hand, has six discrete devices in its 24.3% market share. While they still have the majority of the market share, it’s not by much, and it’s taking them more devices to have it.

For reference, here’s how the rest of the wearable device market share rounds out for Q2 2015:

  • 17.1% is Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer of the low cost Mi Band.
  • 4.1% is Garmin, navigation company and maker of several fitness trackers and wearables.
  • 3.1% is Samsung, tech giant and creator of the line of Gear wearables.
  • 31.2% is other.

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This is clearly the largest part of the market, but it’s made up of over a dozen manufacturers, undoubtedly including Jawbone, Misfit, TomTom, Polar, Nike, Withings, and others.

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Possible Explanations

camping outside apple store for the apple watch

via NY Daily News

Why did the Apple Watch have such a great rookie quarter? Well, Apple is certainly popular and has millions of fans who have been waiting a long time for the company to make a smartwatch. And, Apple’s new product game has been strong in the past decade.

This is not the same Apple that tried to sell us on the Lisa, the Newton, or all of those sluggish pizza box Macs of the early 1990s. This is the “one more thing” Apple, the camp outs at the Apple Store Apple, the iPod/iPhone/iPad Apple.

It’s also possible that many of the people who are going to buy a fitness tracker or smart wearable from a company other than Apple have already bought one. These individuals could be replacing their tracker with an Apple Watch. Similarly, there may be a lot of first time wearable buyers who are buying one now because they were waiting for an Apple wearable to buy.

The Competition is Good

Apple has a way of coming into a market and drawing all sorts of attention to it, then motivating its competitors to straighten up, fly right, and create better, more competitive products. They’re like the rising tide that lifts all the boats. So, while the Apple Watch’s initial sales figures may be a bit intimidating to Fitbit and other manufacturers, they’re good for everyone in the long run.

Have you purchased an Apple Watch? Did it replace your fitness tracker or smart band? Or is it the first tech wearable you’ve had the pleasure of securing around your wrist? Tell us about it in the comments!

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