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Punkt Desktop Charger Review - Appcessories - App-enabled Accessories and Wearables
Punks desktop charger review

Punkt Desktop Charger Review



Punkt, established in 2008 by Petter Neby, was brought into the technology market with the idea that their products would help simplify the consumers everyday communications once again. Punkt derives from the German word for ‘full stop/period’ which ties in well with the simple, timeless and focused style of the products they offer.

The first product which Punkt brought to the technology market was their DP 01 Cordless Phone released in January 2011. Since then, Punkt have continued to craft creative yet simplistic products which aim to streamline the lives of those who appreciate products that do exactly what they are supposed to, and nothing more. Petter Neby explains in his own words the ethos of the company,

Today’s world is consumed with technology and I think we are too distracted by it in day-to-day life. I founded Punkt. to offer a viable alternative for those feeling overwhelmed by the advanced technologies that have pervaded modern lifestyles.  Punkt. is about using technology to help us adopt good habits for less distracted lives.

I certainly think that Neby is onto something good here. With the world turning into a mass overload of digital communication, from smartphone notifications, to your clothes letting you know when you have an incoming call, this simplistic, distraction free philosophy really has it’s place in the market. Punkt wants you to control your electronics and not the other way around, which is becoming increasingly common.


One item which I have been able to try out is Punkt’s UC01 USB Desktop Charger. Italian made, it is a solid, high quality material unlike many other desktop chargers which are made of lightweight, cheap material causing it to wobble on the desk. Punkt’s version will stay in place and charge your device as fast as it would if it were plugged into a mains socket.

desktop charger

In the Appcessories office, there is at least three laptops and three smartphones running in one room at any one time, so you can imagine it is pretty busy with wires and plug sockets. We have been on the lookout for a good desktop charger for a while now to try and reduce the clutter and I believe we may have found the one.


Using multiple extension cables means your devices may take longer to charge, which is never good, but when using the Punkt desktop charger I have found my laptop, phone and my colleagues laptop all charged at the normal rate and the charge lasted for 6-7 hours afterwards. This is exactly what you expect from a desktop charger and more. It is the perfect travel accessory too.

Have you ever been in the situation where you are in a hotel and you and your friends phone are about to run out of charge but there is only one spare plug socket after the hairdryer/straighteners are plugged in? Well I certainly have and it is not an ideal situation to be in believe me! This desktop charger can solve this problem easily when you have a shortage of plugs.

desktop charger

The fact it comes with two different cables, 200cm and 50cm, is even better! Another advantage of using the desktop charger is that when you plug your phone in to charge, you wont be distracted by a window coming up on your computer screen with all your photos etc.

The Punkt desktop charger is priced at £89 which could seem pricey for an item like this but when you see and feel the high quality material and solid weight, you will agree you paid a good price. The fact that it charges your devices properly and can be easily transported makes all the difference. I would never be without the Punkt desktop charger, especially whilst travelling – it is the perfect travel accessory.

desktop charger

Punkt Desktop Charger Specs

  • Power up to 3 devices from one mains socket
  • Comes with two main cables (200cm and 50cm)
  • Total 7.5A for high speed charging
  • Works with iOS and Android devices 
  • Intelligently positioned USB ports
  • Weighted for one-hand operation
  • 100-240V multi voltage

The Breakdown


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