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10 Pros and Cons of Apple Watch Series 2 You Should Consider

10 Pros and Cons of Apple Watch Series 2 You Should Consider

The recently released Apple Watch Series 2 extends the capabilities of the original Apple Watch, and with its sport model, ventures into health and fitness tracker territory. But with so many smart watch options, plus the more affordable Apple Watch Series 1, does the newest Apple device deserve the hype and extra cost? What are the pros and cons of Apple Watch?

There are many things to consider when purchasing an Apple Watch, including bands, size, colour, and casing. Now, you also need to consider available features. In 2015, the Apple Watch was released with a range of casings but only a single set of internal features referred to as “Series O”.

In September 2016, the tech giant announced two new feature variations: Series 1, which is more or less a Series O but with a dual-core processor; and Series 2, which features the same dual-core processor and a range of new features, including a brighter 1000-nit Retina screen, GPS and run tracking, water resistance, a speaker that releases water after swimming workouts, and upgraded ceramic backs.

Price when reviewed: $399


Pros of Apple Watch Series 2

10 Pros and Cons of Apple Watch You Should ConsiderHere are some reasons to buy the Series 2 Apple Watch:

1. Track your workouts with GPS

One thing that truly makes the Series 2 to stand out from the other the range of smartwatches is its in-built GPS, which helps you keep track of your workouts without carrying your iPhone.

2. Water Resistant for water sports

The Series 2 is designed for sporting activities with its water-resistance capabilities up to 50 meters, which means you can go swimming or surfing with your Apple Watch.

3. Superior performance

The processor in the Series 2 is about 50 times faster than the Series 1. The Series 2 features the second generation S2 chip that significantly boosts performance; a brighter display at 1,000 nits; and a new GPU that improves graphics performance.

4. A range of useful apps

The Series 2 offers a range of app for Apple Watch, including a number of free sports apps that wearers can use to access Mail, Maps, Messages, Weather, Music, Calendar, And Passbook, among others. This, in a sense, makes it a kind of wrist computer with a small 40mm face.

The Series 2 also comes with a speaker and in-built microphone for users to make and receive calls and interact with the Apple Watch via Siri.

Wearers are also anticipating the integration of augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go” into their Series 2 devices, while handicapped users can take advantage of watchOS 3 for easier opening and shutting of apps.

5. Healthier Lifestyle with Fitness and Health-oriented features

The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a sensor that tracks the heart rate and steps of the wearer, allowing it to measure the daily activities of the wearer, including standing, walking, or exercising. By tracking your daily movements over a period of time, the watch can suggest personalised exercises for the user.

Apple also introduced CareKit and ResearchKit to its range of health apps, which works with the Apple Watch to help predict seizures.

6. Easy scrolling with the Digital Crown

One of the biggest shortcomings for smartwatches is the tiny interface that makes controlling different features a problem. To address this problem, Apple introduced the Digital Crown, a dial on the side of the Series 2 that allows the wearer to correctly choose an interface icon and scroll through elements on the face of the watch.

7. Wide variety

The Apple Watch Series 2 is available in two different face sizes, three casings (Steel, Sport, and Ceramic), and partnerships with Hermes or Nike for more variety. There are 34 different models of the Apple Watch, so fans have a greater chance of finding something they like.

Cons of Apple Watch Series 2

There are three things that would discourage a potential buyer from owning the Series 2 watch:

1. Short battery life

Like its predecessor, the Series 2 has a battery life of only 18 hours, which can be a major hindrance for some sports enthusiasts.

2. High cost

The Apple Watch is ridiculously overpriced, with the most affordable option selling for $349, and some units going for as much as $17,000. The difference in pricing depends on whether the watch is made from metal or glass.

3. Dependent on the iPhone

The fact that the Apple Watch is not a stand-alone device, in that it needs to be connected to an iPhone for it to be fully functional, is another factor that can limit its uptake. Without an iPhone, you can only use it to check the time.

But if you can access countless features on an iPhone, why would you need an extra device with limited functions? Perhaps runners, swimmers, and walkers are the most likely to benefit from the Apple Watch Series 2 with its GPS and swim resistance features.

Pros and Cons of Apple Watch – Your Turn

What are the pros and cons of Apple Watch to you? Did you experience it the way we did?

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