Plan V Portable Charger

We don’t have the power!

We’ve all been there, brightness down, volume off, vibrate off, only the quickest glances with the screen on then right back off. The inevitable low-battery sequence we all use to squeeze out the last remaining time remaining on our battery.

Now some of you may have a portable charger, but those are only useful if you remembered to charge them up prior to leaving the house, of not you’re about to fall back to the early days of pre-mobile man. Fear not, there is an answer out there and it has been provided, via kickstarter, by Flintu. The Plan V emergency charger our saviour.

What is Plan V?

plan v

The Plan V is a mobile charging solution, but unlike the others out there this one is not just a rechargeable battery with a USB connection. The plan V connects to the charging port of your mobile device, the other side is where it differs from the pack. It has a connection that most haven’t seen in a while, and at least not in the mobile industry, this connection is for a standard 9V battery. That’s right, just pop a battery on the device and the Plan V will use it to charge your phone.

Why use it?

plan vYou may ask why use a boring old-style battery to charge your phone, and the answer is simple. If you have your Plan V with you, and why wouldn’t you given the size, all you would need to do is pop in to any local convenience store and pick up a battery. Most 24 hr newsagents will be more than capable of supplying such a battery and you can go back to normal operations of status updates, cat pictures and general mobile phone tomfoolery.

Release Date

The Plan V has come to the end of its successful kickstart campaign, upon completion those who backed it will expect to receive their Plan V by the end of 2015. Prices start from as little as $15AUS (£7.88). For the rest who may be late to the party, Plan V is will likely begin full production in 2016.
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