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Pivot, the Wearable for Your Tennis - An Interview with CEO App-enabled Accessories and Wearables
Pivot by TuringSense Featured Interview on Appcessories

Pivot, Wearable for Your Tennis – Interview with CEO Limin He

Pivot by TuringSense

My name is Dr. Limin He, and I am the founder and CEO of TuringSense. Motion capture (mocap) systems have been around for many years. Some use multiple cameras with markers all over your body, but they are very expensive and elaborate to setup. Some use wired sensors attached to your body, but they are expensive, difficult to wear, and not mobile. We are developing a mocap system which is wireless, cloud based, and inexpensive. The first application is tennis, but we will make mocap systems for other applications—for gamers, AR/VR, healthcare, and sports.

This is the Pivot TuringSense Logo

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?
I grew up in China…I skipped high school and got accepted to a prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. I studied for my master’s degree and taught at the University. I went to UC Berkeley to complete my PhD and went to work for Cadence Design Systems. In 1999, I left Cadence and started Plato Design which was acquired by Cadence in 2002. I worked at Cadence for many more years before starting up TuringSense in October 2014.
I grew up in China…I skipped high school and got accepted to a prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai.
What does a typical day in your life look like?
I start my day at 6am and begin checking my emails. I get to the office around 9:30am, and leave around 7pm. I swim for exercise.

Pivot by TuringSense, created with motion capture to improve your Tennis game.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you
Here are three facts: I won a math competition in China. I put everything on spreadsheet. I don’t like last minute efforts.
How did you come up with the idea for your product and what made you “go for it?”
It was a serendipitous experience. My partner Chris Lim and I have been working together for over 20 years and we wanted to do something different. Since Chris has been a Taekwondo practitioner for many years, we decided to open a Taekwondo studio. To differentiate our studio from others we decided to develop a wearable which could help Taekwondo practitioners master their technique quickly. My other partner Joe Chamdani, an ex-college tennis player, suggested that it would be better to go after a bigger market like tennis. So we pivoted to tennis early this year.

What made you decide to go with crowdfunding (or venture capital)?
Crowdfunding gives us a lot of information about the market. It also helps validate the product since it gets exposed to millions of people. Our product has appeared on Indiegogo’s newsletter twice, which has over 2M unique subscribers.
What is the best decision you’ve ever made with your product (financial, emotional, educational) that led to the product we’re experiencing today?
No single decision led us to where we are now. Rather, there were many small decisions throughout the journey, such as pivoting to tennis, hiring the right people (i.e. the team in Italy, Indonesia, and China), and picking the correct strategic investors.

TuringSense 2

Where do you see your company or your company’s focus in 1-2 years?

I see our platform being used in different industries, such as sports, healthcare, AR/VR.

I see our platform being used in different industries, such as sports, healthcare, AR/VR.
Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to facilitate a successful financing campaign?
Nurturing relationships with people has been the biggest asset for me when looking for investors. Taking a calculated risk has been a critical foundation for me in my previous startup. And, being frugal and spending smartly saved me from the economic downturn at my first startup.
What do you see as the biggest advancement in your technology sector over the next 5-10 years?
I see that having just a single sensor wearable is not enough; people want more information. With multi-sensors for motion capture and analysis easily accessible, it’s possible to enrich the user’s experience in gaming, AR/VR, as well as enhance advanced training for athletes, help people in healthcare understand human movement better, and even advance the movie industry for animation.

Thank you for your time Dr. Limin He!

Wrapping it up

If you’d like to support Dr. Limin He and the TuringSense, check out, the Indiegogo campaign and follow them on: FacebookTwitterYoutube

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