Pinball Magic

Does the Pinball Magic iPhone accessory get handed the Pinball Crown?

Pinball-Magic-2Pinball Magic is a case for your iPhone, which transforms it into a mini Pinball table when you download the free compatible app. So if you’ve ever entertained dreams of becoming a real Pinball Wizard but don’t have the space for a full-size machine then this could be the perfect gaming Appcessory for you. We took a look at how the Pinball Magic measured up:

Pinball Magic Specifications – What makes it so good?

For something not much larger than your iPhone, the Pinball Magic is a pretty good imitation of the real thing. The back box at the top of accessory features oscillating LEDS that interact with the gameplay, and the cabinet itself is a decent rendering of an actual Pinball Machine.

For gameplay, in addition to the two flipper controls at each side there is also a ball launch plunger at the bottom, which is a nice touch. And the legs are foldable which makes for convenient storage.

Usability – You can sure play a mean Pinball

Pinball Magic
The Pinball Wizard is straightforward enough to set-up; you simply slide the iPhone into the slot on the back and there is a dock connector in the bottom, which enables the phone to communicate with the controls. It is powered by the iPhone so there are no batteries to worry about.  The app is a free download off the App Store, and there is definite room for improvement. On more than one occasion the ball seemed to head off in a direction that the laws of physics wouldn’t permit; and the flippers failed to activate a couple of times and I was forced to watch the ball travel between them ending my aspirations for high-score glory.

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