Petalite Flux Portable Charger

Time And Distance

It’s no secret that smart phones take a long time to charge. For some people, that’s not a problem, but for those of us who are always on the go, it can sometimes be a challenge to find time for recharging. Sure, you can plug your iOS or Android device into an outlet, but if you need a full charge, you’re tethered to the wall for two or three hours (or longer). And of course, phones tend to run out of juice when we’re far away from an outlet. There are a number of portable recharging options on the market, but many of them are slow and barely hold enough power for a full recharge.

Fortunately, a better portable charger is currently in development. A new, fast-charging technology out of Birmingham, UK called Petalite Flux has the potential to keep you from being stuck with a dead smart phone battery ever again.

Petalite Flux – Fifteen Minutes, Wherever You Go

The Petalite portable charger pack consists of a lithium ion Flux cell and a dock with proprietary connecting technology. The dock charges the Flux cell with 2600 mAh in only 15 minutes. That’s enough to power a standard smart phone for an entire day, from completely lifeless to 100% capacity.

The Petalite Flux cell is super compact, so it can go anywhere with you. It weighs just 95g and is only 9 cm high. Plus, it’s not just for phones; the Petalite Flux can be used to charge tablets, e-readers, and many other devices.

Crowd Funded And Coming Soon

As a result of a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign (which raised well in excess of the original $30,000 goal), the Petalite Flux charger will go into production soon. Units are expected to ship to initial backers in early 2016. After that, you can probably expect a single Petalite starter pack (consisting of the Flux cell plus the charging base) to retail for approximately £45.

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