Parrot Mini Rolling Spider

Two Mini Drones from Parrot – Rolling Spider & Jumping Sumo

With technology, nothing says progress quite like having drones invade the toys market. The Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo are two such toys, released by French company Parrot. This isn’t Parrot’s first foray into the production of drone toys, having previously launched two ‘quadcopters’. Parrot’s drones are a leap ahead of conventional remote-controlled cars or aircraft, being controlled primarily by smartphone or tablet Apps.

The Rolling Spider

Not to be misled by the name, this drone is capable of flight. This award-winning piece of kit is capable of an incredible 11 miles per hour (18 KMH) indoors or out, with an effective range of up to 20 meters, or 66 foot. The Rolling Spider is also capable of pulling off mid-air tricks, including flips and rolls, at the tap of a screen. To top things off, the drone has an in-built camera, which is able to snap shots mid-flight. The lightweight Spider combines both pressure and ultrasonic sensors for precision flying. Weighing in at just 55 grams, the drone comes in 3 optional colours. Terrorising pets or office colleagues has never looked so appealing.

The Jumping Sumo

This is of a different breed. This little fellow can’t fly, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise when you see him jump – up to nearly a metre. Maximum jumping height is 31 inches, or just about enough to traverse most terrain in the office or home, easily clearing any obstacle.

Similar to his counterpart, the Sumo has in-built hardware for capturing images; however, rather than stills, the camera captures motion video footage. This means streaming a bottom-up view directly to your smartphone or tablet. As would be expected, the drones connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other mobile device by utilising Bluetooth connectivity.

Parrot Drones – In Conclusion

Unfortunately for Parrot, the last 18 months have seen heavily reduced profits, with turnover plummeting by 92% in 2013. The company is hoping that the release of these two new toys will reverse the trend, and it is relying heavily on their success. The two new mini­drones certainly look impressive, and they do boast some innovative technology within.

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