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Parental Peace of Mind: The Best GPS Trackers for Kids
Parental Peace of Mind The Best GPS Trackers for Kids

Parental Peace of Mind: The Best GPS Trackers for Kids

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When you have a child, as the Elizabeth Stone quote goes, you “have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Indeed, the bond between parent and child is a highly emotional and extremely strong one.

A Solution and a Relief

When that child goes missing, even for just a few moments, it’s agonising for parents. In fact, there’s probably not a parent alive who has not experienced the sinking gut feeling of frantically looking around in a crowd for his or her child.

When the child is finally spotted? Instant relief.

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As kids get older, this problem only gets worse, as parents now have concerns about who their son or daughter is spending time with. How can parents know where their children are while still giving them the independence and autonomy they crave? By putting GPS technology to work for them. Instead of showing the proper route to a set destination, GPS can show parents where their kids are, even if they can’t actually see their kids.

But is it Too Much?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best GPS trackers for kids for you, and all of these devices and apps offer you all sorts of information regarding your child’s whereabouts. But of course, there will be critics who say that all of this location tracking is too much. Let kids explore, they’ll say. Let them get lost and find their way back home again. These are transformative developmental experiences, they’ll argue, and tagging them with a GPS sensor lessens the effects.

We, however, politely disagree. GPS trackers for kids don’t lessen anything for the child — they only increase peace of mind for the parent. In fact, because these trackers are in the form of cute watches, small devices that tuck away, or smartphone apps, kids may not even realise that their whereabouts are being logged. Using GPS tracking to locate kids is perhaps the best use of this technology, as it solves an age-old problem with minimal intrusion. Here are some GPS trackers for kids that we like.

1. HereO

hereo rangeThe result of a highly successful Indiegogo campaign in the spring of 2014, HereO raised over $200,000 USD to manufacture what it billed as the first GPS watch designed for young kids. It’s certainly fun and colourful, and it looks like something that kids would choose to wear. It’s designed for ages 3-12, and kids don’t even have to know that it’s a GPS tracking device — it simply looks like a cool kids watch.

HereO connects to a corresponding app, which is available for both iOS and Android, so that you can locate your child any time. It offers real time location information, wander off alerts, and notifications for when a child arrives or departs a defined location. There’s a location history, as well as a tamper alert if the HereO is removed from the child’s wrist. And, there’s even a panic button to alert any number or numbers you add to the app that something is wrong.

Battery life is about two and a half days, and while the HereO is water resistant, it’s not waterproof. The built in SIM card allows it to work in over 120 countries. It retails for $179 (or £113), and that price includes three months of GPS service; after that, service is $5 per month (or about £3). Initial pre orders and shipments have all sold out, but the company is still taking orders for shipment in a month or two.


  • Fun and colourful.
  • App has a lot of useful features.
  • Decent battery life.


  • Not waterproof.
  • No way for the parent to use HereO to contact the child.
  • Not available immediately. | Buy on Amazon

2. Kidsport GPS Tracking Band

Kidsport GPS Tracking BandSimilar to the HereO, the Kidsport GPS Tracking Band is another watch-like device that’s worn on a child’s wrist and works with a corresponding iOS or Android app. (There is also a web tool.) It looks a bit clunky, especially on smaller wrists, but it gets the job done. There’s real time location information, definable geofences, and location and tamper alerts. Kids can also send their parents an SOS alert by pressing an emergency button the wristband.

The best feature on the Kidsport is its talk back function: you can say something to your child using the app, and your child will hear it, Dick Tracy style, on his or her wrist. You can also send a text, though of course, that’s only useful if your child knows how to read. The battery life is just 24 hours, though; it charges via USB. It is, however, totally waterproof, making it a highly durable choice.

The Kidsport sells for $129 (about £82), with service plans ranging from $10-$22 (£6-£14) per month, depending on if you want to be able to use those cool voice and texting features. This GPS tracker is US only for now, but there are plans for international service pending agreements with carriers.


  • Talk back and text features.
  • Kids can send an SOS.
  • Totally waterproof.


  • Pricey service plans.
  • US only (for now).
  • Short battery life. See tracking bands for kids on Amazon

3. FiLip2

FiLip2Another watch device for small children that’s also conspicuous and bulky, the FiLip2 can use both GPS and wifi to keep track of its young wearers. It has many of the features of the previous two devices: location information, parent-defined safe zones and geofences, and an emergency call button. An advantage of this GPS tracker for kids, however, is voice calls and text messages can be made to your child’s wristband from up to five trusted numbers that you pre-approve. It’s resizeable, so it can grow with your child, and it comes in two kid-friendly colours: bright blue or bright red.

With the FiLip2, parents can control the device’s battery life by adjusting the location refresh rate; the app also shows you how much power is left on your child’s wristband. However, you shouldn’t expect to get more than two days out of a charge. The device is not waterproof, though it is water resistant, and the app works on all recent versions of iOS (7 or later) and Android (4.0.3 or later). The FiLip2 sells for $150 (£95) and an AT&T unlimited data plan costs $10 (£6) per month. It’s biggest downfall is its limited range: it’s currently US only, though there is potential for international functionality.


  • Voice and text calls to wristband from up to five pre-approved numbers.
  • Can adjust refresh for longer battery life.
  • Lots of helpful features on the corresponding app.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Bulky, especially on little wrists.
  • US only (for now). | See GPS trackers for kids on Amazon

4. LG Gizmopal

LG Gizmopal

Perhaps designed for the smallest children in mind, this GPS tracker for kids is aimed at children ages three to six (and their parents, of course). The LG Gizmopal is a fairly simple but effective device. There’s no screen or interface: it’s just a chunky wristband that comes in either pink or blue. We don’t really see a huge need to gender-define a device like this, but if the right colour helps kids to wear it willingly, we suppose it’s alright.

The corresponding app works on recent versions of both iOS and Android (versions 7 and 4.0, respectively), and it has a few helpful features. Up to four trusted and pre-approved numbers can call the device, location information is always available, remaining battery life is indicated, and parents can set up location alerts and reminders. That’s about it; there’s no geofencing or anything like that, but then again, the LG Gizmopal isn’t as expensive as other wristband GPS trackers. Kids can contact two main caregivers (like mom or dad) with the button on the device. Two pushes makes a call; one push plays a goofy cartoon-like zinger sound, which could be entertaining for little kids.

The LG Gizmopal costs $79.99 (about £51), and there’s a monthly Verizon service charge of $5 (£3). The battery life is an impressive four days, but the wristband itself is not waterproof. Currently functional in both the US and throughout Asia, the LG Gizmopal should have European compatibility very soon.


  • Relatively inexpensive compared to similar devices.
  • Good battery life.
  • Kids can make calls to two caregivers from their wristband.


  • Fewer features than similar devices.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Doesn’t work in Europe (yet). | Buy on Amazon

5. Trax

traxThis is another app and device combination, but unlike the ones we’ve already discussed, Trax is not a watch or a wrist band. Instead, it is a durable, small, 38mm x 55mm x 10mm plastic rectangle that snaps into a silicone clip and can be carried in a pocket, in a bag, or on a belt. It may be more tricky to secure to kids than a wristband, but then again, with Trax, you don’t run the risk of them trying to take it off or having it smashed during rough and tumble play. In fact, they’ll probably forget they’re carrying a Trax altogether.

The corresponding app (on both iOS and Android) offers lots of features that you’ll find on other kids GPS trackers, like location updates, geofencing, scheduling, and even speed alerts. There’s no voice or texting capabilities, but there is a really cool augmented reality function. It uses your phone’s built-in camera to show you the location of your child within your field of vision, as well as the distance to him or her, so there’s no guesswork.

The battery life on the Trax tracker is pretty short: just a day. It recharges via USB. Trax works throughout Europe plus the US and Canada, though it is sort of pricey: $249 (about £158). However, this price does include two years of service. Once those two years are up, service is $5 (£3) per month.


  • Tucks out of the way.
  • Awesome augmented reality feature.
  • Two years of service included in price.


  • Costs a lot upfront.
  • No voice or texting features.
  • Short battery life. | Buy on Amazon

6. PocketFinder


Here’s another GPS locator that isn’t a watch: the PocketFinder clips on or slips in a bag or pocket. When connected to the iOS or Android app, its features are fairly standard. Parents can see real time location information for their children, set up geofences, and receive zone alerts via text or email. There’s a speed limit feature to let parents know if a child is in a moving vehicle, and the power mode can be adjusted to conserve battery life. What you won’t get on the PocketFinder, though, are voice and texting capabilities — or any communication between the wearer and the tracker, for that matter.

The PocketFinder works throughout North America and Europe, plus in many Asian and South American countries. The device itself costs $129 (about £82), though the service is a fairly high $12.95 (£8) per month. Overall, it’s a simple device, but it’s inconspicuous and it functions well.


  • Small and out of the way.
  • Useful speed limit feature.
  • Works in many countries.


  • No voice or texting features.
  • Relatively expensive monthly service. | Buy on Amazon

7. Lociloci


If you’ve got a older child with his or her own smartphone, there’s really no need to buy a standalone device. As the worn out tagline goes, there’s an app for that! Lociloci is one of those apps. Available for both iOS and Android, it’s pretty simple: you install the app on your phone, approve the app’s tracking on your child’s phone, and it will start working. Lociloci provides just basic location information; there’s no geofencing feature or anything like that. However, it can be used to track just about anyone, so you can also connect with your friends and find out where they are using the same app.

The cost for Lociloci is £4.99 per month for unlimited use. There’s no contract and nothing else to buy, making it a very economical solution. Need to talk to or text your child? Just use your phone’s regular features for that. It works in the UK, the US, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, though you can only see a friend in your home location. (So, if you’ve got a UK phone, you’ll be able to see only the location of your tracked kids or friends in the UK, even if you’re physically in another country.) It’s a simple solution — there are no bells and whistles, but it works.


  • No device; it works with your smartphone.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Can track friends with smartphones as well as children.


  • No advanced features.
  • Works only in your home country.
  • If phone battery runs out, app stops working.

8 & 9. Find My Friends/Locate My Friends

find my friends appThe former is an iOS app; the latter is an Android one. Both are free, and both are good GPS trackers for older kids who have their own smartphone. As with the previous tracking app, neither of these has advanced features like geofencing, though both offer location alerts. And, you can use both to track friends as well as kids.

Despite the lack of features on these apps, they’re useful for finding out if kids are where they say they’ll be, if they’re in trouble, and so on. Just add their phone to your app, and the tracking can begin. Plus, the price is right. These are good starter tracking solutions. If they’re not enough, you can always upgrade to a standalone device.


  • Free!
  • Can track friends with smartphones as well as children.


  • Limited functionality.
  • If phone battery runs out, app stops working.

10. Canary

canaryWhen it comes to GPS trackers for your kids, knowing where they are at all times is important, but there are other useful features that this technology can provide. For example, when a child earns a driver’s licence, parents can become stressed. Is their son or daughter following the rules of the road? Are they driving at the proper speed? Are they refraining from using their phone? The Canary app, which works on both iOS and Android, can let parents know when their child gets into a car and if their child is driving safely. If something isn’t right, like the driver exceeds a set speed limit, ventures outside a defined geofence, or starts texting while behind the wheel, the parent will get a notification immediately.

While these features are certainly useful, Canary isn’t designed for continual real time tracking — it activates only when your child is moving at 12 miles per hour or faster. This is largely to conserve the battery life of your phone. However, it is a free app, and when used in conjunction with an app like Find my Friends, it can be a worthwhile part of a complete app-driven child tracking system.


  • Free!
  • Provides peace of mind for parents of new drivers.
  • Helps parents enforce good driving behaviour.


  • No real time tracking.
  • If phone battery runs out, app stops working.

11. Tinitell

Tinitell isn’t just a tracker — it’s a wrist-worn mobile phone especially for kids. This full communication device raised a little over $140,000 USD on Kickstarter about two years ago, and buzz has been building ever since.

Inside Tinitell is a GPS chip, a cell chip, and an accelerometer. This means continual location tracking as well as the potential for future activity tracking (it’s not there…yet). As for the mobile phone part, Tinitell uses voice recognition to call anyone off a pre-defined list of up to 12 contacts. It can also accept voice calls from anyone. You’ll need a SIM card from any cell provider with a 2G network, which is a bit of a hassle (many other trackers have this detail already worked out for consumers), but it does mean that Tinitell works, more or less, in any country.

Small, at just over a square inch, rugged, and water resistant, Tinitell is like a watch without a face. It’s low profile, lightweight, and has a buckle clasp so it won’t fall off, plus it comes in four colours. The overall aesthetic and single button interface is highly reminiscent of the Apple products designed by Jony Ives, especially the original iPod.

Customers can pre-order Tinitell now for $149 USD (about £103). The initial batch has already shipped to initial backers, and the next batch should be in any day now.


  • Not just a tracker — a phone!
  • Continual GPS tracking
  • Cool design.


  • Need a SIM card.
  • Not available immediately. | See GPS trackers for kids on Amazon

12. SAFE Kids Paxie Band

Paxie Bands are fun looking cuff bracelets with embedded GPS, so you’ll always know where your kids are. This is a product that first turned heads at CES 2015, and now it’s almost ready for the masses. The big appeal of Paxie Bands is that there are several different cool-looking bands to choose from, so your kids can pick the ones they like and actually feel excited about wearing this device.

While there’s no texting, calling, or talkback features on a Paxie Band, it can do quite a few other things that are useful when keeping track of your child’s whereabouts. For starters, there’s customisable boundary setting and notifications if your child goes outside of the safe zone you define. It also tracks things like how many steps your child takes in a day, which is helpful if you’re trying to monitor his or her fitness level. Plus, tracking of ambient temperature and heart rate lets you know if he or she is getting to hot or overexerted — a big safety feature if you’re concerned about heat stroke or exhaustion. Finally, there’s a band removal alert if your kid decides to go off the grid, so to speak.

The battery on a Paxie Band lasts about a day and a half on a single charge. It’s on the pricey side, at $175 USD (£121) for the device, three bands, a charger, and your first three months of service; after those three months are up, you’re on the hook for $9.95 (about £7) per month. The initial pre-order of Paxie Bands is sold out and set to ship at some point during summer 2016; pre-orders for the next batch should come up soon.


  • Useful location tracking abilities.
  • Great fitness tracking features.
  • Kids will like how it looks.


  • No direct communication abilities.
  • Expensive, plus ongoing fees.
  • Could be a long wait to get one. | See GPS bands for kids on Amazon

13. Weenect Kids

Weenect is a company that makes a line of trackers for all the important people and animals in your life: elders, pets, and of course kids. The Weenect Kids tracker isn’t a wearable, though — it’s a carryable, a six cm by 4 cm, 55g GPS device that fits in an included waterproof pouch and attaches to your child’s jacket, backpack, or belt loop.

Using the Weenect Kids, you’ve got continual location tracking of your child via maps, compass, and radar. This means that whether you’re just separated in the supermarket or keeping an eye on junior from across town, you can always know where your little one is. You can define geofences and get a notification when your child has entered or exited a defined area. Plus, there’s an SOS alert feature with voice call: if your child presses the button on the device, it rings your mobile phone and you can have a conversation.

Weenect Kids works in several different countries and on a number of different mobile networks. The battery should last a full week between charges, too. As for price, the unit itself runs for a relatively affordable €99 (about £78), and that includes your first month of service. After those first 30 days, the service charge is a low as €42.50 (£34) per year, depending on how much you pre-pay.


  • Live location tracking and geofences.
  • SOS alerts and live talkback.
  • Works in many countries.


  • Not a wearable, so may be lost easily.
  • Ongoing monthly fees. | Buy on Amazon

14. Wherecom KidFit3 GPS Phone Watch

Wherecom KidFit3 GPS Phone WatchThe KidFit3 is Wherecom’s third iteration of its cute little tracker watch. It’s a device that’s mostly meant for younger kids, as there’s nothing especially cool looking about it, so older kids may be less interested in wearing it. It looks like a watch and does display the time, plus it has a touch screen so kids can interact with it, kind of like a kid-friendly, less expensive Apple Watch (and yes, there are little educational apps you can download onto it).

The KidFit3 uses GPS, wifi, and LBS positioning for extremely accurate location information. Plus, location data is stored in Wherecom’s cloud, so you can always find out where your child is and was. The device can send and receive calls from up to 60 predefined contacts, and holding down an SOS button on the device sends an alert to your phone. What’s more, the KidFit3 has a pedometer and calorie counting too.

Other details: it’s water resistant, it comes in four colours, and the battery should last three days on a full charge. Unfortunately, the KidFit3 is not yet available, but earlier versions of the KidFit GPS watch are available for as little as €99; however, these have more limited features, like fewer predefined contacts and no activity tracking. Look for the KidFit3 to be available for purchase soon.


  • Great location information.
  • Some activity tracking capabilities.
  • Some educational interaction for the wearer.


  • Older kids probably won’t think it’s cool.
  • Not available yet. | See GPS phone watches for kids on Amazon

15. Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator

Amber Alert GPS Smart LocatorThis tracker is meant for kids who are 2-10 years of age, and it can be clipped to their clothing or backpack, worn around the next on a lanyard, or attached to an optional wrist or ankle band. Once attached and set up, the Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator provides live GPS tracking as well as virtual breadcrumbing to show you, on a map, where your child has been and what times they were there.

There are impressive geofencing abilities; you can define up to 20 safe zones and get alerts when your child enters or leaves any one of them. Plus, there are some tracking features that other kids trackers just don’t have, like a warning notification when your child is in a vehicle that’s travelling faster than a certain speed, or when your child comes within 500 feet of the home of a registered sex offender.

The device also features two way talkback, and it’s easy for your kids to call you. There is an SOS button to alert one number — only one number, though. However, the device itself can be tracked by up to ten predefined contacts. There’s also a fun call and listen feature, where you can just listen in on what your child is up to without actually talking to him or her. Is this eavesdropping? Your child may think so, but it does provide a nice opportunity to be a fly on the wall, so to speak.

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is not a cheap device, though. The upfront cost is $125 USD (£87), which isn’t bad, but then there’s the monthly charges of $15-18 (£10-12.50) plus a $19.99 (£14) activation fee. Plus, it does work outside of the US, but because service is on AT&T only, there are roaming charges; this is maybe not the best choice for non-US residents.


  • Good location and breadcrumbing features.
  • Alerts for speed and proximity to registered sex offenders.
  • Talk and listen.


  • Not especially secure if not worn.
  • Expensive ongoing service fees.
  • Not ideal for non-US residents. | See alert GPS locators on Amazon

What to Look For in a Kids Tracker

If you’re in the market for a kids tracker, there are a few things you want to pay attention to.

1. GPS is a Must

If you’re going to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts, GPS is pretty much essential. Sure, there are trackers that rely on crowd GPS, which isn’t so much GPS as it is a combination of BlueTooth and user proximity. Those types of trackers are good for things like keys and your wallet, but they’re not ideal for finding out where your child is.

2. Cool and Comfortable Design

Next, the tracker needs to look and feel good to the child wearing it. That means a cool aesthetic that your son or daughter actually likes, plus a comfortable and easy way to wear it or carry it.

3. Price

Since most people with kids are on a budget, price is important. When looking at costs, you want to not only look at what it will cost you to purchase the tracker, but also what the ongoing monthly charges are. Continual service fees are common with GPS-enabled devices, but the prices can vary widely.

4. Advanced Features

Finally, many kids trackers offer communication features like talkback, text messaging, activity tracking, and more. If you want to be able to talk instantly with a small child, particularly one who does not have a mobile phone of his or her own, or if you’re concerned about your child’s fitness level, then these may be details that you’ll want to look for.

GPS Trackers for Kids – The Kids are Alright

Every parent is concerned with the safety of his or her child, and this includes knowing where that child is at all times. Using a GPS tracker for kids can give parents unprecedented peace of mind while still allowing their child or children the freedom to roam a bit. Trackers are available for younger and older children alike and at a wide range of price points. Depending on your tracking needs and personal budget, one of these should work quite well for you and your family.

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  1. Richard Harris

    I developed Chirp GPS. It is an iOS and Android app that has a complete set of GPS tracking features built in, including geo-fencing, alerting, history of tracks, and more. All you need is a smartphone with Chirp installed, and you can track people in real-time. It was designed for parents with kids, friends who want to stay connected, families, and even fleet owners. It’s completely free to use with limited features, but for just $4.99 you get the entire swath of GPS tracking features, including using Chirp over the web at
    The entire Chirp GPS project was bootstrapped by myself and a few friends, because we saw the need in the industry for reliable GPS tracking for our own friends and family.

  2. Daniël

    You might also like the​ Wherecom Kidfit GPS Phone Watch with two call buttons and a alarm button. It works with a free Android and iOS application​.

    It has a lot of features like:
    – ​Geofences / safezones
    – (No) movement alert
    – Call from and to the watch
    – SOS-/alarm button sends a alert to all followers with a 15 seconds sound recording
    – Request the current location
    – Look back at previous locations (up to 2 months)
    – Works with Prepaid Simcards (no subscriptions)

  3. Ravhel

    I got my son a tinitell, amazing peice of kit, I put a pay and go sim in it and he can contact me and me him anytime. Battery lasts 2ish days, charges quick though. My son is autistic and wonders off sometimes so its peace of mind for me. Only thing I dont like is that it doesnt have geofencing yet. Hoping that will come soon but the gps tracker has always been spot on, been using it for 6 months now and do not regret buying it at all.

  4. Brayan

    Very helpful article for parents out there who care more about their kids. I really prefer GPS trackers since they fit best for kids at school.

  5. Emma

    Can anyone help, I looking for a tracker for my 3 year old son, a lot of the places we will need it have no phone reception – can anyone suggest anything?

  6. Amy

    I would like one that you don’t have to put money on every free line rental or app to install or pay as you go all of these are asking a monthly fee which in my opinion is capitalising on safety and not on the child’s welfare I would like to know if there is a watch with a GPS system and a built-in talk back that is free to use.

  7. Kalle

    The prickig plan is no longer accurate for the Trax product, and it’s also called Trax Play now. Rumors say that battery life is improving a lot with some kind of new setting coming later this year?

  8. Jeanine Geissinger

    My 26 year-old-daughter is going to Europe for six months to travel (solo) next year. I don’t need to know where she is every minute but I’d like something that would be useful in locating her if she doesn’t check in.

    Any ideas? She agreed to a chip implant but that seems too bulky — not yet doable.

    Something that would tuck into or on a bracelet or anklet might be best.

    Any suggestions? We could use her phone but if she lost her phone I wouldn’t be able to find her. I’d rather have something that she is unlikely to lose.

  9. Ali

    I bought tinitell, ticktalk and linable from design wise timitell is great but the gps does not work so i can not locate my son still working with company to solve it and the voice is not clear
    Ticktalk is great easy viuce is good just feel it is more breakable than tinitell and the charger little delicate
    Linable band work great amd cheap will buy more

  10. Eileen

    What works best to locate kids while skiing? They are much better then me now and take off. What if they get lost???? As long as it has gps will it work in areas that maybe phones don’t get service?

  11. Kalle

    A GPS only receives signals, so any device itself will understand where it is even when you have no cell phone coverage. However, in order for you to know where they are, you need to have something that also transmits data, and that would in the standard case be a cell phone network, where you also receive this data on your phone, laptop etc.

    If you want something that works anywhere regardless of cell phone networks, you would need to either buy special equipment or go really basic with com radio and perhaps even a GPS with a screen that your kids have. If they get lost, they could go to preprogrammed locations with directions on the screen. The com radio is only for talking to you or anyone else using similar equipment. This solution however require rather close range and no major obstacles.

  12. S

    Looking into these gps watches for my little ones in uk, there seems to be a lot of these watches coming from Hong Kong etc, these say they do all of the above! I’m not so certain, anyone tried these? Also are there any 4g ones out there?

    • melissa

      Have you looked on Amazon? I’m in the uk also and struggling. I’ve just bought a couple of letting trackers that you can use on pets, kids, let’s etc for now, just waiting for them to arrive. Would like a Tinnitel style band for my 4yo but at an affordable price

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