Could the OTTO GIF Camera be the ultimate hipster Appcessory?

The question of what camera to use is one that has been on the lips of every self-respecting hipster lately. It used to be that Instagram or other camera apps with retro filters could satisfy their penchant for avant-garde and vintage style photos; but with the whole world seemingly ditching point and shoot cameras in favour of Smartphone photography, it has led many a hipster to rethink their photographic tendencies. However, a new project on Kickstarter might make the choice a lot easier for budding ‘hipstotographers’. Looking like it has just been taken from the shelves of an Urban Outfitters near you comes OTTO.

What is OTTO?

OTTO is a Raspberry Pi based camera featuring a vintage style crank that lets you create GIFS, which are automatically synchronised to your Smartphone, so you can share them with hipsters around the world. A look at the promotional video demonstrates that it works by raising the crank, rotating it, and then rewind the crank when you’re done to share with your phone.

OTTO Companion App & Shooting Modes: More than just GIFS

For creative amateur photographers, Otto actually has some pretty interesting features; both software and hardware are customisable and the companion app can be set-up to let you experiment with time lapse photography, photo booths, or with something new by adjusting the ‘tons of detailed settings’. Image capture is managed via an f/2.0 35mm equivalent optical glass lens onto an Omnivision OV5647 5.0MP ¼” 1.4µm backside illuminated pixel CMOS sensor, capable of images up to 2592x1944px. It can also record HD video up to 1080p30 / 720p60, and VGA 640×480 at 90 frames per second.

How much and when?

The Kickstarter campaign still has another 24 days to go, and the project is already more than 50% funded. And the pre-order price tag to be the envy of all other hipsters is $199 (plus an additional $10 for shipping outside the US).

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