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Orée Pebble 2 – A Wooden Wireless Phone Charger

It might look like nothing more than a stylishly rounded piece of wood, but the Orée Pebble 2 is actually a wireless charging unit for your mobile phone and a Bluetooth speaker for listening to music or hands-free calls. This novelty mobile accessory is the successor to the original Orée Pebble, a similar device costing a hefty £90 but without the Bluetooth speaker included. The newest version includes both a speaker and a microphone, allowing you to enjoy the singular joy of conversing with an attractive piece of wood.

pebble2 - sleeve


The Orée Pebble 2 is certainly not cheap; the standard wooden version will set you back around £120 and a white marble version will be available for around £140. As the units are artisan crafted and hand-finished you can even order one with a custom engraved base, costing even more. The prices may put a lot of people off, although it is important to stress that they are made from quality materials rather than just being finished with a cheap-looking veneer. Like all of Orée’s products, the Pebble 2 and its predecessor are artisanal and designed as an elegant alternative to the increasingly ubiquitous mass-produced plastic products we use.

Oree Pebble 2 – Final Note

Oree Pebble 2Devices which support the Qi inductive charging standard, as do more recent Samsung Galaxy and Nexus phones, as well as a few Nokia Lumia phones, may be charged wirelessly using the Orée Pebble 2 simply by placing the phone on top of it. The iPhone 5 does not yet support wireless charging, although Orée also offers a matching wireless power sleeve for them, though that will set you back an additional £70. You can learn more about Orée’s range of novelty electronics here.


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