OM/ONE Levitating Speaker

OM/ONE Levitating Speaker – The Cool Factor

You can’t deny it: levitating objects are just cool. We’re drawn to stories of the paranormal, take great interest in quirks of physics, and are simply curious about anything that appears to be defying gravity.

Add a high level of functionality to that cool factor, and you’ve probably got a truly great piece of hardware. That’s exactly what the OM/ONE levitating speaker is.

Billed as the world’s first levitating speaker, the OM/ONE was designed by both audio engineers and industrial designers. The result is a beautiful, intriguing object with a finely tuned 75mm audio driver to make music and everything else sound its best.

And although the levitation looks amazing and unreal (Mashable called the OM/ONE an “audio Death Star”), it actually serves a function: the speaker’s lack of contact with a surface means no low-end loss, which translates to more audio with less amplifier power.

Great Sound And More

OM-audio’s-OMOne-levitating-speakerThe OM/ONE consists of an orb plus a base unit that levitates it. The base also acts a charging dock for when the lithium-ion battery’s 12-hour life runs low. It connects via BlueTooth v4.0, which means you can play music from your computer, your smart phone, Spotify, Pandora, and anything else that’s BlueTooth 4 compatible and within a range of 33 feet.

Two OM/ONEs can be set up as stereo speakers for an even better audio experience. But more than a speaker, the OM/ONE has a built in microphone, so it can be used as a speaker phone. Plus, it’s completely portable, so you can just grab the orb and take your music anywhere.

Get Ready To Listen

Is the OM/ONE the coolest speaker ever invented? It very well could be. With both outstanding audio performance and the levitation factor, this is not only a high quality speaker, but perhaps the best conversation piece ever created. The OM/ONE comes in both jet black and glacier white, and is about to ship. Pre-orders have arrived in 2014-2015.

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