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Is Olloclip the must have accessory for budding iphoneographers?

Is Olloclip the must have accessory for budding iphoneographers?

OlloclipFor budding iPhoneographers, Instagramers, and anyone otherwise interested in and looking for new ways to take better photos with the iPhone; Olloclip is a multi-lens solution that gives you three additional options to get creative with – Fish Eye, Macro, and Wide Angle. The Olloclip can be connected to your iPhone in a matter of seconds and is small enough to be carried about in a bag or pocket so that you can be ready whenever something catches your eye. The original 3-in1 clip for the iPhone 4 was a Kickstarter funded success that is still available to purchase on the Apple Store, and the updated 4-in1 lens (which boasts 2 macro settings 10x & 15x) is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S. An iPhone 5C 3-in1 lens has just been released stateside but there’s news yet as to when it’s likely to make it across the Atlantic to our stores. Here’s what each Olloclip lens has to offer:


Olloclip Fisheye ShotsA fisheye lens can be great fun to play around with. Creating hemispherical images of an approximately 180-degree field of view can be an excellent way to capture very wide angle scenes such as panoramic views, landscapes, architecture and the sky. And the resulting distortion can be used to great effect for photographing action shots or creating abstract and artistic images.

Macro Lens

Olloclip Macro ShotsDesigned for extreme close-ups, a Macro lens gives you the opportunity to view things from a different perspective. The 3-in1 lens enables you to focus with your iPhone as close as 18mm magnifying your subject by 10 times; whilst the 4-in-1 lens offers the ability to get in as close as 12mm to capture images in amazing detail. To get the most out of the Macro lens you’d be wise to invest in a tripod to keep your iPhone still whilst photographing (or be inventive and create your own – I’ve used a bag of frozen peas to hold mine in place to great effect).

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Olloclip ShotsA wide angle lens allows you to let more of the scene into your image, and can be a great tool for creative photographers (and a lens often favoured by professionals). The wider angle of view results in the relative size and distance being exaggerated when comparing near and far objects; consequently nearby subjects will appear much larger, and those in the distance will appear much further away. In addition to the unique persectives a wide angle lens can give your photos; it is also larger than the iPhone lens so can capture more light making it ideal for capturing beatitiful sunsets and sunrises.

The Olloclip might be pretty pricey at £59.95 but it has been made from high-quality materials (including precision ground, coated glass multi-element optics for the lenses and aircraft grade aluminium for the barrel); is easy to use and the results produced are excellent. So for an avid iphoneographer interested in taking their photography to the next level the Olloclip is definitely worth it.

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