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Nest Protect is an App-enabled Smoke & CO Detector
Nest Protect

Nest Protect

Smoke alarms are often a major nuisance, waking you up every time you burn some toast, or worse still, at specific intervals by chirping to indicate that the battery is low. For these reasons, many people take the batteries out of their smoke alarms or even remove them from the ceiling entirely. Having no functioning smoke alarm is a major safety issue, but for those who can’t stand the annoyance that many conventional smoke alarms bring, the Nest Protect promises to change the game. The Nest Protect is both a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm which operates in an unobtrusive way by providing varying alert levels both locally and using the smartphone app which comes with it.

Instead of raising a full­-blown alarm throughout your home whenever you burn the toast, the Nest Protect gives you a heads ­up, speaking to you with a human voice while glowing yellow. If there is a genuine emergency, it will take the warning to the next level, providing you with the information you need to take appropriate action. It also tells you where and what the problem is and whether it has detected carbon monoxide or smoke. Additionally, multiple units in your home can work together, even if your Wi­Fi network is down, to provide accurate information.

With the Nest Protect installed in your home, you can use the corresponding smartphone app so that you will receive a colour­ coded message whenever the alarm detects that something is amiss. These messages may either signify the heads­ up, emergency or emergency clearing alerts. Stylish and unobtrusive as well as innovative, the Nest Protect promises to protect your home and your family, including from the silent killer that is carbon monoxide. The product is available now either in black and white, wired or battery ­powered at around £60.

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