Nest Learning Thermostat now available in the UK

If you’re not familiar with the Nest Learning Thermostat; it is the brainchild of Tony Fadell (ex-Apple executive and ‘Father of the iPod’), which does more than allow you to control your heating via an app. The Nest Thermostat self-programs itself to learn your heating habits to make more efficient use of your energy; it is a masterclass in concept, user-interface, design, and execution. So impressed were Google by their products, that they shelled out $3.2 Billion in cash at the start of this year to acquire Nest Laboratories.

Can the Nest Thermostat pay for itself within a year?

When you consider the potential savings that the Nest Thermostat can provide, the hefty price doesn’t look nearly so expensive. Heating accounts for more than 60% of our energy bills, and the Nest can save up to 20% on your energy bill, which would be a saving of £252.80 on a yearly bill of £1,264 (a figure reported as the average annual cost for UK households) through efficiency – for the right household a Nest Thermostat will have paid for itself within its first year of use.

However, not everyone is likely to make their money back so soon as the prospective savings are dependent on a number of factors; there are even a few complaints on Nest’s forum of energy bills going up after the Smart Thermostat was installed. If you’ve recently installed a new boiler or have meticulously programmed your central heating to ensure efficient use of your energy then you’re unlikely to enjoy such a windfall. Nest is available to purchase now for £179 (without installation) or for £249 (with installation).

Nest Thermostat

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