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The Muse Headband - Reach a Zen-like state of calm-

The Muse Headband

Reach zen-like state of calm

Like the way you exercise to keep your body healthy, now you can do the same with your mind. Muse, a device that resembles Google Glass for the head and a set of headphones, is an easy to use brain-fitness tool that helps you improve focus, reduce stress, build potential working memory, and increase concentration, all in a mere 3 minutes a day.

How it works

Muse is a brain-sensing headband that guides you through a simple focused-attention exercise measuring your brain waves the same way a heart monitor measures your pulse. It tracks your brain activity in real-time and sends the feedback to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet (through the Muse Calm app via Bluetooth) to help you understand your brain activity.

Muse has three sensors on the forehead, two on the sides, and another two behind the ears. You wear the device like a pair of glasses, but fit it around your forehead so that the seven sensors are evenly lined up to specific points of your head.

When the fit is right, it will reflect the signal strength on your smartphone or tablet, and then you will be able to assess when your mind is focused and when it has wandered. When you are thinking, anxious, or distracted, the device creates a windy feeling and all you have to do is quiet the winds and calm your mind, allowing you to slow down, alleviate the anxiety and stresses of everyday life, and reach zen. Using Muse is a simple process with the following steps:

Step 1: connect the headband to your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire mobile device via Bluetooth.

Step 2: you start with 60 seconds of calibration whereby you do a cognitive training task to measure your responsiveness.

Step 3: you then proceed to the guided exercise process where the Muse Calm app guides you to everything you need to learn to calm and focus your mind, while generating audio/visual feedback.

Step 4: access the feedback on your mobile device. Muse allows you to open a private account where your results are stored. You can then use the exclusive Calm app to track your progress over time.

The feedback allows you to determine your level of concentration so you can improve on it over time. Basically, the feedback is provided graphically so that it is easy to notice differences in your daily life.


Muse testing and certification of Muse in accordance with European (CE), USA (UL), and Canadian (FCC) regulatory standards makes it a trustworthy product. The measurements taken are harmless to users and only offer information about one’s general state. Brain sensing technology has been used in research institutions and hospitals for over a century in the study of different attributes of brain function, and Muse employs Bluetooth technology to relay information from its 7 sensors to your mobile device.

Compared to mobile phone radio waves, Bluetooth radio waves are about 100 times less powerful; hence their use in head wearable devices, such as headphones and headsets. For only three minutes a day, you can use Muse to train your brain so you can do more with your mind, and more with your life.

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