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Mobile World Congress Day Three Wrap-up – MWC 2015

The penultimate day of MWC 2015 was not one to miss, as the case has been for the entire show so far.

With a lot of great tech on show for the whole week, I’ll try and break it down to the coolest stuff on the day.

Sony SmartEyeglass

In the wake of the demise, at least for now, of Google Glass. Sony step up and finally show a fully working model of the SmartEyeglass that we got a glimpse of at last years IFA in Berin.


The AR glasses look to hit the developers market in a few days (with the tag of nearly $900). The display will be able to give you up to date information on national landmarks, gaming applications as well as a very handy automatic translation tool. This will translate spoken word from a different language and write it on the AR screen, allowing for clear natural conversation between to parties of differing languages (provided they are both using the SmartEyeglass).

Once the developer kit is out in the wild I’ll take a close look and see what the potential of this device is.

Acer Liquid Leap+

Acer looks to take the crown from Fitbit, for the best activity tracker on a budget. Coming in at €79, the Acer Liquid Leap+ has all you can expect and more.


What separates this activity tracker from the Fitbit, is the fact it tracks your fitness AND sends your phone notifications to your wrist. This is a feature missing on many budget trackers on the market. It also allows you to control your music and designate what type of exercise you are doing, all without touching your phone.

This is a definite wake-up call to Fitbit and other budget level manufactures. The Acer Liquid Leap+ goes on sale later this month.


Forgetting the fact it is called the Flir-One, this is actually the second device to be launched by the company. Last year it was an IOS only thermal imaging camera case. With the Flir-one they open the thermal imaging fun to Android, as well as IOS, with a much slimmer design.


Simply put the Flir-One is an imaging dongle that will allow you to take Predator-esque thermal images. This can be used just for fun, but also has a real-world application when used to detect heating leaks in your house etc. Also, if the need takes you, the camera can be flipped for those who want a Thermal Selfie, although I think I’d rather limit the amount of selfies inflicted on the world.

Calling Time

It’s approaching the final hours of MWC 2015 today, all next week we will bring you more in-depth analysis of the best tech from the show as well as a round up of the final day.

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