Meet Cocoon – The latest in Smart Home Security

There is a large number of ‘smart’ home security devices to satisfy the growing smart home market, most of which typically combine an internet-connected camera with motion detection, cloud service and a smartphone app to alert you when an intruder is detected. However, the latest addition smart home solution, Cocoon, adds SUBSOUND technology to the mix. It is pet friendly, which eliminates any concerns about false alarms triggered by your pet moving around.

The SUBSOUND technology in detail

The SUBSOUND technology listens to infrasonic sound waves, which is sound below 20Hz and is undetectable to the human ear, and combines it with machine learning to monitor an entire room, as well as spaces beyond closed doors.

This essentially means that the device can sense activity in other rooms or floors, in addition to the room where it is installed; eliminating the shortcomings of most motion-detection based smart home security systems that are limited to single rooms or require multiple devices to set up zones.


Home Security Made Easy

The Cocoon is designed to deliver a simple solution to those who require a smart home security system. Some people fail to install conventional security systems because they are complicated and expensive, while those who have one either forget to set it, or are concerned about false alarms disturbing their neighbours or being charged by the police for call-outs. The Cocoon seeks to address such concerns.

To begin with, it allows you to install a single, simple device to protect your home. Secondly, the device utilises machine learning algorithms to learn what is normal for your home – what should or should not be there – reducing the incidence of false alarms.  Thirdly, smartphone notifications ensure that you receive actionable information to allow you to take meaningful action.

Additional features

Besides the infrasonic sound sensor, the Cocoon device also features a HD camera with wide-angle lens and night vision, high quality microphone, motion detector, siren, privacy lighting, motion and temperature sensors, and app offering real-time alerts, user detection, emergency contacts, siren activation, and privacy settings, among others.

While there are several working prototypes of the Cocoon in beta testing, it won’t be available to its IndieGoGo backers till the fourth quarter of 2015. Some people are sceptical about the technology, but the British founders have a respectable track record, and may just deliver on their innovation.


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