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Lytro Light Field Camera -

Lytro Light Field Camera

Other than a change of format, going from film to digital, not a whole lot has changed in the photography world. Simply better ways to do the same thing, capture light, process it and create an image.

Looking to shake things up in the photography world are relative newcomers, Lytro. Lytro are the first company to introduce the world of Light-field photography to the market. Consumer and professional level cameras are available that harnesses this emerging technology.


What is Light-Field Photography?

Also known as Plenoptic photography, Light-field photography is a way of capturing photos by tracking the light from a number of directions. This may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but the technology is real, and it’s here.

The camera works by capturing the light in a scene coming from more than one direction. Using an array of lenses on the image sensor, the camera breaks up the image and allows the software to interpret the direction of the incoming light rays. 

This means that each photon is captured in near 3d. This allows for the image to be manipulated after it is taken, mainly the ability to refocus, but subsequently it allows for a stereoscopic image (traditional 3d) to be created using a single camera and lens.



Starting with the consumer level. The device is available in 8GB and 16GB variants with several colour options. More recently the company introduced a “pro-level” Light field camera in the Illum.

This brings a much more detailed sensor, as well as an improved lens (although not an interchangeable one). With companies constantly looking to make their brands stand out online, the Lytro range of cameras should allow for marketers to showcase products is a new an innovative way.


Up next for the company is likely a way to record video with this same technology, I imagine it may be some time before this is a reality,  but Hollywood will definitely be paying attention.

The 8GB lytro light-field camera is available here for £399.99




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