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Update Dec 2015: As of this writing Lymbit has went well past its targeted shipping date in March/April 2015 and also went silent on the community with no updates on Indiegogo and their product website.

Lymbit Trackable

Trackable devices are an industry in their own right. Ever since the humble Tile, companies have been striving to find the perfect way to help us find our lost items.

Recently we checked out the Lupo trackable (see here). Next up we have the Lymbit from a new startup based in Spain. The Lymbit has the usual features expected from a trackable and a few more you don’t.

What does it do?

Like many trackables the Lymbit has a small profile and is can be attached to keys, put in a bag or wallet, as well as being placed on to any item you wish to keep track of. It will track your device using GPS and quickly connects to your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth.

Battery life is not a worry as it will happily keep going for up to 400 days.

Unique features

You may be inclined to think of this as just another trackable, the Lymbit however has a few extra features that separate it from a quickly saturating market.

Firstly the device will track movement, this means that it can be used as a simple and effective home security device. Attach a lymbit to your front door or windows and you will be alerted, via the app, that there has been movement. A much more cost effective home security system than many out there already.


The next great feature is the fact the lymbit system is social. If you happen to lose your keys at the gym, in a bar or anywhere, the social aspect of the device kicks in. Fellow lymbit users will get an alert if you have reported your item missing and it is in their vicinity. They can track it for you and collect it, meaning you know your belongings are in safe hands.


Trackables have yet to really take off. in spite of a large number of products. With the added security use and social aspect I see the Lymbit being the likely front runner in the race to conquer the industry.

For more details and how to order the Lymbit click here.

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